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Re: Autism

@mrmusic that’s awesome thanks for sharing
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Autism

Absolutely no worries at all @j95. Thank you for being so understanding of autism. Heart

Re: Autism

Okay so I am finally making this post because I want to. Smiley Tongue


Basically, ways that autistic people show happiness, excitement and other good emotions is to "flap" their hands and/or arms. There is SO much more of course, I'm no expert, but I wanted to talk about my happy-moves or whatever Smiley Tongue (if I can every stop clapping my hands and write this, hehe) 


I think the one I use the most is clapping my hands, except I don't like the clapping-noise so instead I stop my hands before they hit each other Smiley Tongue Then there's when I kind-of flap my hands but I don't like my wrists so I get my whole arms involved, it's much fun. It's kind of like flapping my hands except instead of being all bending-wrists I'm bendy elbows (not that they can bend as far Smiley Tongue) I usually do the full arms when I'm on my feet and/or moving around but when I'm sitting (especially watching an awesome blooper or thing) I do the clap-but-not-clap thing instead. 

And sometimes when I'm walking and excited, I'll jump and skip a little because my arms cannot contain how excited I am! Smiley Very Happy Woo. 


Anyway, that was pretty much it Smiley Tongue Happy flapping Smiley Wink

Re: Autism

@N1ghtW1ng I do really similar things too! Especially the jumping and skipping. Do you listen to music much? Sometimes if you pick really upbeat music, it gives you a good chance to release some of that energy. Smiley Happy

Re: Autism

@mrmusic yes! I love doing bouncy feet when listening to music, or bouncy leg if I'm sitting Smiley Tongue Plus the head-boppers, those are good when I'm sitting.

Re: Autism

Guess whose order of stim toys arrived? (MINE!)

I'm so very happy. I have three new chewy necklaces to go along with my cookie one. A flower, a thing(jewelry looking type) and a ufo! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy I also got an adorable, tiny cat squishy and a few stretchy type balls. Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Plus some stickers from the company (they are called Stimtastic, if you're curious) and I also got a wristband! 

(me, happy jumping and flapping my hands because I'm so darn excited)


My favourite is still my slinkies. I keep breaking them through use, but I liked three halves together to make a chain of slinkies and it's great! Ahhh I'm so happy it arrived!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Autism

That's so awesome @N1ghtW1ng!! I've heard that Stimtastic is a really great company. I have a little squishy cat too (not from there though) and it's so helpful with anxiety Smiley Very Happy


Which reminds me...have you seen StimmyKitty? And Autisticat? Smiley Very Happy




Hey since you all seem to know a lot about the topic, do you mind if I ask a couple questions about Special Interests? I was wondering how you know when you have a SI, how does it feel different to other interests or hobbies? And is it possible to have multiple SIs? 

Re: Autism

*excited noises* @DruidChild okay, I'm busy with something else right now
but I am definitely going to answer your special interest question because
I think I recently discovered mine and it's something I've been planning on
posting anyway Smiley Wink

I'll be back soon Smiley Very Happy

Re: Autism

@N1ghtW1ng @DruidChild I’m keen to know a bit more about this too, because I do have  one or two things that *may* be considered special interests - I don’t know enough. I can tell you that it makes people think I’m weird though.

Re: Autism

Also YES Stimmy Kitty and Autisticat @DruidChild!!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy (I have heard of them Smiley Tongue) I even designed my own version of the autisticat coloured in the ace flag just for me Smiley Tongue They are adorable and amazing. 

Also sorry this took so long, words are not easy Smiley Tongue



Okay, now onto your questions. (I was watching Voltron, but now I'm done Smiley Tongue

I'm not really an expert, so everything I say comes from my own experiences. For the longest while, I didn't really feel like I had a special interest but my special interest was much, much more vague, (it was comics) so I would say it is definitely possible to have multiple SIs! My interest in comics was Marvel and DC (and those have so many comics in them already) plus Transformers (technically still Marvel) with some cartoons thrown in for good measure. 

But onto the fun stuff, very recently I started rewatching an old cartoon I love called LEGO Ninjago and I have "fallen into Ninjago hell" as it's said Smiley Tongue It's like, sort of an obsession? I know so much about the show and the characters and the plot and story and so on it's great. And I want all the things about it. 


In a broader sense, it makes things connected to it more interesting. Kind of like using analogies or metaphors can help make something easier to understand, using what you love as a way to gain interest and motivation in an activity. 


I suppose to me, it feels different in that I honestly can't stop thinking about it. My mind keeps returning to Ninjago and I love it. Rather than other things that I like where I see it and think oh yeah I like that! I actively seek out Ninjago. Does that make sense? 

And in comics, my mind just has all the knowledge on superheroes and stuff. Including histories, cartoons, powers and so on. 


Did that make sense? 


All in all, I freaking love Ninjago. Knowing whether you have a special interest or not is always a personal decision. Who cares what other people say, you know what you like and it can be as many or as few as you like! Oh and they don't always stay the same either, they can change too Smiley Happy