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Re: Autism

Ah thank you so much for giving such a comprehensive explanation @N1ghtW1ng, I understand a lot better now! (And I agree, words are not easy Smiley Tongue )


It's so awesome that you have such a strong and enjoyable special interest!! Maybe you should start a thread to tell us all about your fave things about Ninjago? Smiley Happy 


I have to say I can relate to a lot of what you said. Idk what that means haha. 



Re: Autism

I think everyone can experience the love of a special interest @DruidChild, but it's the reactions and intensity that can differ I guess. (I don't really know Smiley Tongue)

Also fantastic gif choice Smiley Very Happy I might just make a thread... one day... (it will be so long Smiley Tongue


Update: so basically special interests are like passions that people have and the difference is the intensity of the feelings (plus other stuff that I've lost the words for) too. 

Re: Autism

Public stimming: stimming, but in public!

(not exactly stimming or public but cute nonetheless)


I think I've mentioned it before, but for those who don't know or don't remember, stimming is kind of like fidgeting, KIND OF as it can be from stressful situations, excitement, or even just general going-about-day-ness. For me, it's second nature. My favourite would have to be my mini slinkies that I'm always fiddling/stimming with. It's such a second-nature/natural thing to me that I have walked out of the house with my slinky still in hand (which is some of the reason why I wanted to make this post). 


So getting to the point: I stim all the time in public. Mostly just with my hands. Sometimes if I'm wearing one of my necklaces I'll rub my fingers over it because it feels nice (and sometimes chew on it but they're made for that so it's okay) and the nicest thing is that I never notice any rude looks (except maybe one older lady but I don't know for sure) and that one time the lab technician was rude about my slinky BUT no one ever says anything to me and it's so pleasing to be able to do that, in public. 

For example, while I was out buying my Ninjago LEGO sets, I was so excited and I was flapping my arms around. Flappy hands is an autistic thing but because of my bad wrists I use my forearms instead, which feels more intense for some reason but ahh I was so darn excited (wasn't I @lokifish, who I may of spammed while trying to decide on sets Smiley Tongue) and I didn't notice any rude looks from my excited jumping and flapping. Definitely a bonus, although I don't think anything could have ruined my mood. 


The other thing I wanted to mention was how awesome my cousin is. He's really nice. I don't remember if I had slinkies or anything else beforehand but I fidgeted with things a lot and he bought me a batman shaped fidget spinner (and if you can't tell, I do like Batman Smiley Tongue). And it wasn't a birthday gift or anything, it was just a "oh hey I bought you this" and that was so nice of him. 

And I was with him when I walked across the street with my slinky, which of course he commented on but instead of admitting to him that it was an accident I just rolled with it Smiley Tongue And then he suggested that he should get me a big one and... he's so sweet to say that. It's relieving that my family don't pester me about it, even though I'll even be at the family dinners with my fork in one hand and a slinky in the other. 



Uh... okay to be honest there's no actual point. More a subtle message if you want to notice it, that it's awesome when people aren't rude or pay obvious attention to stimming. It's just another part of who I am so yeah. Smiley Tongue


Stim on good friends!

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Re: Autism

@N1ghtW1ng That’s great, thanks for sharing! Now you need to find a Ninjago slinky! Smiley Tongue

Re: Autism

@mrmusic oh that would be amazing. OR Ninjago stretchies! Like those stretchy lizards or dinosaurs except Ninjago characters! Smiley Tongue

But now it really is time to leave. I'm having one of those moments where my brain isn't quite connecting to everything else and my "next step" is bed but it's far too early (if I go to bed early, I wake up too early)

I tried flapping my hands again today too.... it's not for me Smiley Tongue My wrists (the left one mainly) are too weak to handle it and it hurts. But arm flapping feels better anyway.
Although for some reason I keep slow blinking at things (it's a show of trust to cats apparently) so I'm all for being a cat!

Re: Autism

@N1ghtW1ng Funny you should mention weak wrists, because that’s exactly how I started my musical training - as a method of trying to strengthen weak hands. I’m often told of a funny story when I first started piano lessons... I used to practice at home, but I wouldn’t play in front of the teacher, and when they tried to manipulate my hands, they would go completely limp - much to the embarrassment of my parents! So all these years later, weak wrists actually gave me the means to my career!


I totally relate to the “brain isn’t quite connecting to everything else” moments. What else can you do to try and rest your mind? ❤️


Thanks for sharing this stuff, it’s great to get to know you better, and to know someone else who “gets it” with some of the quirks!

Re: Autism

@mrmusic I guess that means I should get back into piano to help my wrists? Smiley Tongue I struggled for bit deciding what to do. Whether to continue with plays to play Jurrasic LEGO or to just sit in front of the TV and wait the next couple of hours out but I finally went and played the game. It's a good brain-switch-off-er Smiley Tongue

Ah I am full of quirks Smiley Very Happy But I suppose that's part of me, I'm very open and the "weird" things I do. I wouldn't be me otherwise!

Re: Autism

Very true @N1ghtW1ng. Smiley Happy

Re: Autism

Hey everyone, I thought I might share one of my quirks - hugging!




This is something that I began to do during high school towards all of my friends, regardless of gender. For me, I guess it serves two purposes: first, attempting to let my friends and others know how much I care in a simple action, rather than having to find the words and stumble in conversation, and second, giving my body sensory stimulation.


It’s also difficult as often people don’t know how to react to it, especially the first time it happens! My friends have accepted this as one of my ‘behaviours’ and think it’s now really sweet. Smiley Happy ❤️

Re: Autism

Bringing this thread back to the top!



We have noticed that a number of members have been talking about autism on the forums recently, so we thought that we would raise this thread to provide a safe space to talk about anything autism-related, as well as awareness. It's also very good coincidental timing, as April as Autism Acceptance Month!


Please feel free to have a read through this thread and ask any questions and share your experiences! (No pressure of course)


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