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Re: Awkward Moments

Time to lift this trend up!


1) Getting locked in a book store room for 1 minute and wait for the person who locked you in to open it.


2) Getting stared at for a long long time.

Re: Awkward Moments

Hi @Doni99 ! Thanks for encouraging us to share our awkward moments Smiley Happy


I always find it a bit awkward when I meet someone in person after having talked to them on the phone a couple of times. I'm meeting them for the first time but it doesn't actually feel like the first time.


Smiley Happy



Re: Awkward Moments

Oh my god, my life is made up of the time it takes to get from one awkward moment to another. The most recent:


My friend (who I have a massive thing for) and I were hanging out and she leant me a charger for something, but forgot to take it when she left. I unplugged it, ran it out to her and in parting ways tried to say 'love ya' as a platonic gesture of friendship. Anyway, ended up accidentally saying 'I love you' and then blushing rediculously red.


...not akward enough?...




Turned and ran away pretty fast, tried to pass it off as not the awkwardest moment of my short existence.

Re: Awkward Moments

@BlindEagle I would have just disintegrated with embarassment!! I am so feeling you right now!!


As for me, I almost walk into doors waay more often than I should. This one time I walked into a door which I didn't know was closed because there were plastic strips in front of it!! I hit it so hard I reeled back and almost fell down and of course my friends, being the wonderfully supportive people they are, just completely lost it. I did get a laugh out of it but I was so embarrased at the time!!

Re: Awkward Moments

@safari93 I don't walk straight into doors but I always seem to misjudge gaps and end up catching myself on the edge of the door frame or the corner of a table or chair!


I'm quite a small person and sometimes I don't set off the sensor for automatic doors. It's so akward because I have to hop / jump / move around to try and find a spot where the sensor will actually realise I'm trying to get inside.

Re: Awkward Moments

Seeing someone you know off into the distance and wondering when is the appropriate distance between you and them before you acknowledge seeing them. Double awks when it is your GP.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Awkward Moments

i saw an old lady today sitting down on a chair in a really random place so i went over and said 

E- " are you okay?"

Old lady " yes im fine why do you ask?"

E- " well you had your head in your hands and were shaking your head"

old lady " oh well thats assuming alot isnt it?"

E - " im very sorry to interupt you, you have a good day"



Look it was awkward but when she yelled the last part i just was like ... ok back away E back away from the old lady

Re: Awkward Moments

@EloiseRose When you're just trying to be nice / helpful to someone you don't know and they don't take it well is the worst! 


Once I saw a girl on the train and she was wearing her skirt inside out (it was really, really obvious with the seams / tag). I've gone out with shirts on back to front / clothes inside out before and I always feel rubbish when I realise I've been like that all day so as I went to get off the train I tapped her on the shoulder and was like "Hey, I don't know if you have noticed, but your skirt is inside out". She turned around and snapped at me "Don't you think I know that?! What do you want me to do about it?!". I made a quick escape on to the carriage platform.

Re: Awkward Moments

So many amazing awkward moments!
@EliseRose and @KitKat those 2 scenarios are terrible! Very awkward indeed!

Here's mine for this week!
Wednesday I walked into work and went to the front desk for a check seal (As I had bought my water from their earlier in the day) and here's the conversation that took place...
Me: "Hi *supervisor name* I need a check seal"
Supervisor: "Why do you need one?"
Me: "I'm working tonight."
Supervisor: "on night fill?"
Me: "No on cashiers. Didn't you ask me to come in today?"
Supervisor: "no. I said you're right for Friday."
Me: "serious!?"
Supervisor: "yeah, I mean you can stay if you want, but I think you're doing fine"
Me: "okay"
I ended up just grabbing the a couple items I needed and left the store fairly embarrassed about the whole situation, as I'd just rushed to get there on time! oops haha. The most embarrassing part: there was heaps of customers around listening to the convo and work colleagues, so I couldn't just pretend I'd finished a shift as to why I was wearing uniform!

Today one lady was trying to tell me to cap her transition at a certain amount as that's all she had on her account at the store. It took her several attempts of her saying it before I finally understood what she was asking!!! And the embarrassing bit, her client really took the piss out of me for it! AND I had to stand there for about 10mins waiting for my supervisor to look up her account number as she didn't have it with her! D= There was so much awkward tension it wasn't funny!!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Awkward Moments

@Bee Been there done that as well! My set shift is 7.30am in the morning meaning I have to leave at 6.30am to get to work to leave time for traffic accidents etc etc. Rock up to work, go inside to the lunchroom where we have a noticeboard with the roster on it... turns out I read the wrong person's name and wasn't actually working that day.  I snuck out of work before anyone could see me and drove to my boyfriends house (who lives not too far away from my work). Unsurprisingly, he wasn't that thrilled about being woken up that early in the morning, haha.