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Re: Awkward Moments

Oh my gosh @NigioC! I would have died too! I guess you can say that you made a lasting impression.  

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Awkward Moments

Haha! @NigioC .. did you get the job?

Re: Awkward Moments

On the weekend I went to sidestep a huge, muddy puddle on the street and my shoes slipped straight out from under me. I was sitiing in the mud, on my butt, with my very new man-friend standing right next to me. I started laughing because I didn't know what else to do and he was trying to pull me up and it was like some ridiculous slapstick comedy only super awkward and in real life.

Re: Awkward Moments

Thanks for sharing guys! The posts here made me laugh legit. Oh man... you guys are legendary awkward people.


Re: Awkward Moments

We were having a family convo the other day and my sister send me a message saying " dont tell dad about admin" 

and i thought she was talking about her admin job so i said " yeh duh"

five minutes later she was talking about uni and i said 

"lucky you dropped adminnnnnnnn"


Well ... whoops a daisy! luckily my dad totally didnt hear it but my mum and sister did and they death stared me then laughed when we were leaving .


Re: Awkward Moments

when you look over and there is a huge hairy spider just chiling in your bed about to try and spoon you


No thanks!

Re: Awkward Moments

Saw an old housemate at uni sitting approximately 1m from a row of bushes. Walked right up to her, only to realise that I don't actually know the person and I walked between the random and the bush. I just kept on walking without saying anything.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Awkward Moments



I forgot the day but anyway, I saw these chinse girls waving my way while waiting for my daddy (hehe) to pick me so I just waved without knowing, turned out they weren't waving at me they were waving at someone next to me = embrassing! Hope no one saw ;p


Two fridays ago, this bloke in my legal class always sit at the front. He always annoys me and generally say jokes and stuff which i find entertaining (although i don't show it!) and yeah, he that day was so loopy and suddenly he just stared at me while smiling, i asked him "what?" and he said "what?" and kept staring, it was awkward. Even after  i repiled, he kept on staring! It was the most awkward day of my life, i swear i blushed ;P

Re: Awkward Moments

Sounds like you have an admirer Doni!

Re: Awkward Moments

I've got a killer for ya.

So I went to the movies and bought tickets. As you do when you go to the movies. And said the right movie, even the time of the movie and when I checked the tickets... as you do about 5 minutes before you go into the movies... and discovered that they were for the wrong movie.

So I had to go up and get them changed. Thankfully I had some moral support (i.e one of my friends who came up with me to the counter) and the guy who changed the tickets was cool and calm about it. So all went well and the movie was amazing.

All in all, the moral here is check your tickets when you get them. Not right before you go into the cinema. Smiley Happy

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