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Awkward Moments

Hey R.O guys! XD

Let me ask uz a question ==> Have you been in a very awkward moment? I have! Here's a list in fact, share yours any time! ;D Love to hear them!


1) I was randomly looking around the room in SOSE, and just when I looked around I caught a boy full on staring at me, he didn't turn away when I caught him staring at me! It was so uncomfortable that I turned away, I think I blushed LOL!


2) It felt awkward watching a tv show my parents watch alone...  Cuz normally I would watch with them. My sister laughed at me when she caught me randoming watching it.


3) When you try to walk past a person and they block your way purposely, that happened to me like always and one day this random guy did this to me apparently knows my name!


4) When you realise people are looking at you alot and talking about you as they point at you.


Share yours now! Smiley Happy

~ Doni99 ;P

Re: Awkward Moments

Oh, man. There are so many awkward moments out there...


  1. Saying goodbye to someone and you both head in the same direction
  2. When there's a lot of people and you're walking up the stairs, and you're eye-to-eye with the complete stranger's butt in front of you. And you have no idea whether to look away and make awkward eye contact with someone in the crowd who is also walking up the stairs or just continue staring at this butt in front of you. 
  3. Having lunch with my friends and talking about dining & dashing, then the waiter appears out of nowhere and asks us for our orders. 
  4. Walking down the street and wondering why all of these office people are fleeing in the opposite direction. Turns out there's a fire. 
  5. Being unsure whether to just stand there or to give a hug or a handshake to someone you just got introduced to by a mutual friend. 
Stay excellent

Re: Awkward Moments

Hi @Doni99,

I think I'm a magnet for awkward moments, I have had so many of them! Fortunately after the initial awkwardness wears off, you're usually left with a funny story to tell your friends - which is why I think your post was a great idea!Smiley Happy


  • This one happened a long time ago but it's still funny. My dad was watching the movie Top Gun with me because he had heard that it was a great movie about pilots with lots of aerial stunts and stuff. But then there were all these romantic scenes in it, and I was sitting there with my dad - awkward!
  • I was meeting a guy for a second date, and when I walked in I said hi and asked him how his day was. He said "Fine" and then said something else which sounded like "I was really randy today". It was so *not* like him to say something like that, I just kind of froze and was trying to work out in my head if he'd actually said that or if I'd totally misheard him. I just ended up ignoring whatever it was he said. I never asked him to clarify what he said because I was afraid I had heard him right and I'd be super embarrassed if he said that!

Ok, I think that's enough awkward moments shared by me! Smiley Happy


Re: Awkward Moments

Has this ever happened to any of you? Because I know it happens to me and other people a lot.


When a teacher walks past you and says hello they say how are you? but don't stop walking so you don't get enough time to answer unless they stop walking. It drives me crazy because then I feel rude for not replying.

Re: Awkward Moments

To @N1ghtW1ng, @blithe, @Myvo,

OMG! Your awkward moments are legendary! That is soo awkward! LOLOLOLOLOL  Thank you for a bomb for sharing them to me, made me feel less stressed to de fact that I got a speech coming up next week which I have started yet! ;D


@N1ghtW1ng ,I seriously hate when that happens OMG! We're in the same boat, dude that like happens sadly all de time! Smiley Surprised Thanks you!!!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy


@blithe I get the first awkward moment of yours always! OMG your second was soooo awkward and worth sharing!!!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy Thank you!!!!!!!

@Myvo : no.2 was soooo funny + awkward and so relatable! Smiley Very Happy THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT, that happens to me all the time too! Smiley Very Happy







Re: Awkward Moments

This is so relevant right now! I rocked up to an appointment today a little early. (About seven days early to be exact :[ )

It was super awks haha


Re: Awkward Moments

go team awkward!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a fully fledged member! I reckon I would have one every day! For example this morning when I arrived at the office:
S: "How are ya Pete?"
P: Yea good thanks. How are you?
S; I'm good, how about you?


Online Community Manager

Re: Awkward Moments

Oh man, even worse than the double "how are you" is when someone wishes you a happy birthday and you say "you too!". I have done that so many times by mistake and I don't know why!

Re: Awkward Moments

Great idea Donni99 I have soo many awkward moments!

Although my fav would be from a few years back. I had to get my birth certificate to get my L's (as mum only got the birth extract when I was born) and we thought we had to get them from the courthouse..
Anyway I was walking up to the courthouse, and as I got to the automatic doors, I found they would not open. So I kept standing there, walking back and forth because I thought the sensor didn't see me. And then I spotted another door over the railing, a push pull one. So I awkwardly climb through the railing - I don't go around, but through! And I'm pretty sure I was wearing the summer school skirt! But that door was locked. I pushed and pulled and after about 5 tries, I realised it was locked. So I go back to the sliding door... and THEN I notice the writing on the window, they had shut about not long before I tried to enter! Needless to say I walked away feeling a little silly! Smiley Tongue

And turns out you can only get your birth certificates from the post office! So we went around to the little post office, and then found we had to go to the MAIN post office. THEN fill in the forms ect...

It is a great story to tell, I find it oh so funny now! Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Awkward Moments

Ohhhh I love the double how are you, when you dont know whether to laugh straight away or run with it


Or even better is when someone says "Hi" and you reply with "Good thanks"


Hahahaha, when you both have obviously noticed too.. and you dont say anything

(You just wallow in shame whilst still pretending you didnt do it/arent wallowing in shame)