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Re: Awkward Moments

I work in customer service so my day is always filled with awkward moments:

1. I get into a bit of a pattern of serving customers, "hi, how are you?", "have you got a rewards card?", "Thank you, have a great day". On occasions I have been known to greet people with "have a great day" and have been known to say goodbye to people with "how are you". Just a tad awkward.
2. When I greet someone but they don't answer me, I never know if to say hello again or if they purposely ignored me. We HAVE to greet every customer when they come up to us so to counteract that one a little bit later on, I'll ask them how their day has been.
3. When a customer is talking to another person or is on their mobile phone it is really difficult to say hello to them. (note: please don't talk on your mobiles while going through check outs, it is really rude and infuriates us!).

Re: Awkward Moments

@mischiefmanaged haha so true so true. 

I usually just 'ignore' the customer if they are on their phone unless they directly attempt conversation. But at work, I can't say "good thank-you, and you?" or something along those lines. So sometimes someone will say "have a good night" and I'll reply "enjoy your night/evening"... 

Re: Awkward Moments

I'm a special kind of awkward ... I somehow managed to fall over backwards in a crowded room. To this day, I still don't know how I did it.


Other awkward encounters include


- I used to work in fast food and one day whilst on drive thru, after I finished taking the customers order, I ask them if it was to eat-in or take-away.


- Doing the side step dance to avoid running into someone only for them to be doing it as well.


- School skirt tucked under school bag, got half-way home before someone told me. :/


I love awkward moments where you can just laugh at your awkwardness.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Awkward Moments

Id like to share one of the most awkward moments Ive ever had... It was hilariously horrible.


So I saw a guy I kinda know on the tram, we said hey and then ran out of conversation after about three minutes (of the thirty minute tram ride :/) and then a girl FELL ON ME when the tram stopped suddenly.... then when I was getting off and I was like seeya, he was all 'im getting off too' and I was like greattttt lets just keep this awkwardness going forever and ever... then when we got off I was like 'cool bye', and he said bye and then we walked in the same direction and I was like OH GOD WHEN WILL THIS END, and then he was like 'Cool Im actually going now seeya' and I turned to say bye and then BAM I BANGED FACE FIRST INTO A RANDOM LADY. I fell over, The guy asked if I was ok, I said 'IM FINE SEEYA' and then literally ran away to die of embarrasment.


When I think about it now I laugh.... and then my body starts to shudder a little because that awkward squirmy feeling still has not gone away.




Re: Awkward Moments

Haha oh no @chelsb - that sounds so awkward! I hate when you're talking to someone and go to say goodbye but it turns out they're going in the same direction as you. Like do you keep talking and pretend you never said goodbye, or go into awkward silence and rush away from them?

Re: Awkward Moments

Whooooooo my trend is becoming successful for once! XD

Thank you guys!!!!!!! Smiley Very Happy

So awkward, thanks for sharing people! You guys are awkward awesomenesses!


Here are my recent awkwards!

- My sister told me that I talked while I slept

- Dancing randomly at night in Batesman Bay, without knowing that there is a couple looking at me weirdly

- Exercising while getting awkward glances from parents and siblings

- While exercising, my dad starts to randomly dance funny moves and pokes me while I am in the treadmill

Re: Awkward Moments

@chelsb oh no! That's super awkward! But funny.


@stonepixie your first line reminded me of this moment I'm about to share...! Smiley Happy


This was a couple years ago. It was raining the night before, so the grounds were a bit wet...

I ended up walking behind this group of kids who were walking SO SLOW! Already frustrated I decided to pass them. Completely FORGETTING that it had rained the night previous. Of course the spot where I decided to pass them meant I walked over some dirt (which because of the rain was mud)...

The day before I had fallen in a drama exercise and sprained my ankle, and just as I took a couple steps,  my ankle caved under and I fell.. even though I was wearing an ankle support!


Into the mud!!
As I looked up and came to realise what had just happened, a small group of girls asked if I was okay. "yep, I'm fine I replied" and I began to wonder how I was going to get out of this one. Before I could even start to devise a plan my year adviser was by my side, helping me up. It was then that I realised my ankle was sore and had caved under. I got halfway up, and fell .... AGAIN!
I did eventually get up, and my year adviser told me to go to the toilets and clean up as she took my stuff to the office for me.
As I got the senior toilets, there was a whole GROUP of girls in the year above! Can we say embarrasing much!? I stood around awkwardly and waited for them to all leave. It was then that I discovered HOW MUCH MUD was all over me. Up my legs, as high as my thigh! So much for my year adviser telling there wasn't that much mud on me! 

I ended up washing as much mud off as I could with toilet paper and going to the office to get mum to bring my tackies up to the school so I could change!
To make matters ever more humiliating, I had some work experience at the childcare centre across the road, and it was SCHOOL PHOTO DAY!!! Of all days!

While it was a very cringe worthy experience I can now laugh at it! Smiley Very Happy
When your done LAUGHING let me know what you think. Have you, or do you personally know anyone who's fallen in the mud?? Smiley Happy


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Awkward Moments

The awkward moment where you forget where u put your glasses so your stumbling round your house trying to find them. I do this a lot and usually they were where I started looking
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: Awkward Moments

Seeing someone you know and giving them a wave, only to realise that you don't know them, so you do the awkward head scratch.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Awkward Moments

I had to do a phone interview for a job once.

At the end, without thinking, I said "Bye. Love you."


I died.