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Hi guys I am in desperate need to go on a lil holiday and I need help choosing somewhere.....

What are all your favourite places to go on holiday/where have you been in Australia/anywhere in the world that you have LOVED and would recommend going?? Smiley Very Happy Heart 

I love to always have something exciting planned in the near future, it's so nice to have things to look forward to!! 


Hey @Jane_Rose!


How exciting is it planning and then going on a holiday?! Do you have any favourite places to go?


I recently went to Vietnam and it was fantastic. Would definitely recommend it from a culture, food and picturesque point of view. 


I'm not sure what part of Australia you're from, but WA is well up there as a place to travel for me. Perth is a super cool city, with amazing coast line, parks and cafe scene and regional WA has some incredible natural beauty


Have you got a shortlist of places you're thinking about?


@Jane_Rose for a minute there I thought you were a travel agency trying to advertise Smiley Tongue


I'm from WA and like @Sunflower18 said, it's pretty cool, though I may be biased. 


I went to Shark Bay with my family over a decade ago, and I still remember how beautiful it was!

Monkey Mia is part of it, they have wild dolphins there!

(that picture is not of me sadly, but a random human on a Wikipedia page)

Rottest Island is also amazing, but apparently it's gotten pretty expensive recently..

It's hard to get accommodation there less than a year in advance, but you can catch a ferry and just spend a day there.

Perth is pretty good, though compared to places like Melbourne it's basically a very large country town. Smiley Tongue


The last time I went overseas was a while ago, to Singapore. I loved it there, though I'd only suggest going if you can cope with some serious humidity..


@Sunflower18  its the best feeling ever!!! My family has a holiday house on NSW coast right on the beach basically so I go there almost every year and I love it. I have also been quite a few places overseas that I have loved but I have the travel bug and I just wanna go and explore !!!!

ooh yes I've heard Vietnam is amazing from so many different people! I think that is definitely going to have to be on my list!! 

I am from Victoria, and I don't think I've ever been to WA so that's another place I can add to the list yay thank you so much for giving me some ideas !

well if I stay in Australia I was thinking QLD, I've only ever been once (to cairns) and I absolutely loved it, im a sucker for the hot weather and the turtles !! 
OR Bryon Bay, which is also apparently beautiful! 



hi@Tiny_leaf  !!!  ahah that would be concerning if I was using this forum to advertise ahaha ill have to rethink my titles.... Smiley Very Happy


Okay very interesting I've never heard much about WA so to have two recommendations in one go is telling me I should get there !! 
That experience in shark bay sounds amazing !! Thats so lovely you can still remember it even though it was so long ago..

Singapore! Interesting,  I think my mum has been there and she loved it too but said the exact same thing, that it was just so so humid and if you're there for a while it starts to take its toll. 

Thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts and advice !! Heart


I recently went to Mexico and had the BEST time! Mexico City is a really cool place with lots of culture, and Oxaca City is really beautiful and a bit more traditional!
“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down


@MisoBear ahh thank you for that suggestion I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Mexico but hadn't heard many reviews or opinions about it.. so that's awesome to hear you had an amazing experience!!


@Jane_Rose, I'd completely recommend it. We actually went to California as well, which was amazing too. Mexico is pretty affordable once you get the flights sorted. We stayed in Roma Norte in Mexico City which is a really cool neighbourhood with lots of great food! I'd recommend checking out Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul if you're into art, and go out to the pyramids!

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down


@MisoBear hey I went to California last year!! In winter too so we got all the amazing summer weather, loved it!
Thankyou so so much for your recommendations and advice, I'm off to look at flight prices to Mexico.... Smiley LOL 


Hey @Jane_Rose! I have been looking for holiday related threads and came across this one from earlier this year! Have you found any more amazing holiday destinations?


My recommendation would be Jervis Bay in NSW! I went there for the first time a couple of weeks back and fell in love- it's like stepping into a piece of paradise! Camping is also a great way to experience Jervis Bay (and also a cheap option for those looking to holiday on a budget!) Would recommend! 


Anyone else been travelling lately? Or looking into locations for future holidays?


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