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Babysitting as a part time job



As a soon-to-be uni student (i.e. I'm broke) and soon-to-be resident of North Bondi, I was wondering whether any of you lovelies have tried babysitting as a part time job. It seems like a good venture as I can work afternoons, thus it won't clash with my uni timetable. I was also curious as to what it entails, how rewarding it is, on average what I would charge etc




Re: Babysitting as a part time job

I've never actually done any baby sitting, but I'm currently halfway through cert 2 in childcare. Basically what you'd have to do depends on the hours you are bay sitting the children and their ages.

So if it were around tea time you'd obviously have to give them tea, the parents will have arranged something and will let you know.

Generally saying you'd play with the children, keep the ocupied. You might read to them, play chasies, hide and seek, anything they want to do (within reason). If they have a partiular routine they stick to their parents will let you know.

I find working with young children to be very rewarding, I do a prac where I play, observe, give morning tea, and surpervise young children about 1-5 at the TAFE playgroup we run. I love seeing the children when they discover something new or when they are enjoying themselves.

I'm not sure about how much you'd charge though.

Just a heads up that I didn't mention earlier, the younger the child is the more care you will have to give them, but then with older children they might need more disipline - as some like to push the boundaries, but again the parents will let you know

I hope this helps in some way Smiley Happy let us know how you get on. I think it will be beneficial for others to see how it turns out. It's deffinately something I would jump in and do.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Babysitting as a part time job

Hey Smiley Happy


I did a bit of babysitting throughout high school and then worked part time as a nanny for my first two & a half years of uni... I loved it! There are LOADS of families in Sydney looking for nannies and they're pretty flexible with uni timetables - if you can do some afternoon school pick ups that's definitely a good start!


I was doing 4 afternoons a week which were basically: pick kids up from school, take them home, have afternoon tea, supervise/help with homework, take kids/dog to park to play, take kids to soccer/ballet/piano/whatever they had on that day, go back home and get some dinner ready, pick the kids up from wherever they were, bring them home & have dinner, get them showered, then the parents would get home around 7/8pm. If you've got a licence/car it's definitely a plus, but not all families need you to be able to drive. The kids were 7 and 9 when I started, so it was more supervision & discipline than having to do things for them... they pretty much knew what was expected of them. I started at $20/hr and they increased that after a few months once they got to know me. They also gave me petrol money each week.


I found it really rewarding - I love kids and working with kids though. I got to know the family really well & I was lucky that they were lovely - the parents helped me out a lot and they're like my second family. I stopped working for them over a year ago but I still go over for dinner sometimes & am invited to birthdays/christmas etc. You should check out and - there's loads of opportunities on there and you can get a feel for what people are looking for.


I've done loads of casual babysitting over the years too. I prefer working with kids >5yrs, because I like to be able to talk to them and have coherent conversations... but babies and toddlers are pretty cute. Like Bee said, with younger kids there's more 'care' required, so depending what kind of stuff you're interested in doing you might gauge what age kids you'd like to work with.


Good luck!

Re: Babysitting as a part time job

the question is - do you like babies ?

lolololololololol personally i love how cute babies are. when they're not cute they morph into godzillas. that's the scary part. that makes me turn around and run from the babysitting job.

Re: Babysitting as a part time job

ps babies don't cry, they roar-wail-shout-call-yell-scream-holler-squeak

pps why do babies cry so much ? do they have mortgages ? car rego fees ? electricity bills ? those things make me cry Smiley Happy