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Background/Ambient Sounds

Does anyone else on here like listening to white noise, ambient music and background sounds for studying, writing or before going to sleep?
I thought to make a thread where we can share our favourite apps, websites and tracks.


Here are some examples of websites where you can listen to ambient sounds:

I also love listening to ambient music on YouTube! Smiley Happy

Re: Background/Ambient Sounds

@WheresMySquishy I have a weird one.. I listen to Air Crash Investigations for background noise.. Idk the voice over guy just has a nice voice. 

I also find that I'm way less likely to get hallucinations when I can hear stuff going on around me, so I use it a lot for that. 


Re: Background/Ambient Sounds

@Tiny_leaf  One of my family members is obsessed with Air Crash Investigations! There's something relaxing about the narration. Smiley Happy
Sometimes, I listen to audio from nature documentaries, slow TV or the special interest category on Netflix before I sleep. There are lots of live cams on YouTube that are a good source of ambient sounds too, especially the nature-related ones.