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Bad Internet habits 2019.

Hi RO , 


I've been reflective of my habits with my devices.


I over indulge with the internet.


Recently I got rid of Facebook, hide my Youtube, and disabled my Instagram, I'm not tweeting anymore. 


Right now I'll retire my creative side and enjoy my privacy.


ATM I left my reddit on chill mode. 


The internet can be a useful place but wow there are people there who will try to go extreme miles to actually give you a hard time. Even to the extent of doxxing and taking advantage of your vulnerability.

(Doc:revealing your location).


Also the media lately has been abusing their platform for their causes which Im really not educated about them and I  can't share the same sentiment and I just felt my empathy is being prayed upon.


After just being offline as well, I just realized you can't base your happiness around what other people have ( be it the admiration they receive, their relationships, and their accomplishments materially ). I won't find any fulfilment if I base myself around that.


In the mean time I'd like to focus on that self contentment for now. The "hustle " is getting to big for me.


Also I want to put my safety first.


Re: Bad Internet habits 2019.

Hi @BunnyWalks, I can relate to being on the internet more than I'd like to as well! Do you have any other ways that you practice your creative side?


I can understand how invasive it may feel when personal information is being revealed or when being given a hard time online, It's amazing that you stepped back and put your safety first Heart ! If you haven't already, maybe reporting the account or the doxing posts to the online platform that it occurred on could help prevent it from happening again, and also so that you can feel more safe online Smiley Happy


Re: Bad Internet habits 2019.

Is there an authority I can call if someone is making me feel unsafe by their actions eg flipping out their phone ?

Right I'm retiring this creative side ATM.

Re: Bad Internet habits 2019.

Hey @BunnyWalks! Proud of you for taking the steps to make yourself feel safer, it never hurts to be aware of the things you post on your accounts and who has the access to view it.  


How are you feeling after deactivating your accounts? You are so right that people do base a lot of their happiness around what they present on social media and the status that they receive from this. I recently started to unfollow anyone I didn't know on social media whether they were influencers, clothing brands or people I went to high school with so that I have only the people who I genuinely want to see updates from on there and it has helped my self esteem so much because I'm not constantly comparing myself to everyone else's life. 


Would you mind expanding on your comment about people whipping out their phones around you? Are you concerned they are taking pictures of you?


Talk soon!