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Beating confidence issues (Story)

Yes, this is my second story post, I like telling stories about my life Smiley Tongue.


So today I actually did something most can not. So over the past few weeks I've been going through the application process for school captain and today we gave our speeches and we found who got the role.


So I gave my speech today and it was a massive step for me. I got up in front of the whole school and gave a speech about why I want to be school captain, what I think a leader is and what experience and abilities I have. There was something special about getting up there and speaking to so many people. I remember in my previous years I always said that I could get up in front of any number of people and speak, and this was my time to prove it, no only to my peers but to myself. I remember in my younger years, even this year I lacked serious confidence and had little to no self esteem. To get up in front of my school and give a speech was something special for me. It was special because when I gave that speech for the first moments of the speech I was nervous but then something unique happened. I started to be filled with happiness and pride, nothing but bliss and pride for what I was doing. I didn't get the role but honestly I don't care, getting up there and doing what I did, it was a massive step for me beating my depression once and for all. For the half hour around it all I couldn't stop smiling and I was just blissful, a feeling I've only felt once before.


So anyway, my point is that today I got my chance to prove to myself that the confidence I've been gaining is there and I got to prove that to not only myself, but all my peers, my whole school.

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

WOW Tempus.


You should be SO proud of yourself! That's a massive achievement and one that many people wouldn't be able to do (and not just people with depression - for the majority of people that would be a huge challenge!).


This is such an inspiring story. It's one that many of us can learn from, so thank you so much for sharing!


By the way, you don't say if you got the role of school captain or not? Even if you didn't, you have achieved a lot and you shouldn't forget that!


Thanks again for sharing.



Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Thanks MM, very kind words.

I was hoping it would inspire people and give back to such an amazing community here Smiley Happy.

I've gone through massive changes the past few months beating my depression and improving myself beyond what i thought possible and this is just one example of what I hope to achieve Smiley Happy.

Didn't I? Sorry I knew I forgot something. I didn't get it but it doesn't really matter. Like you said I achieved a lot and I still get a large leadership role at the school (hoping to assemblies and be able to speak in front of the school on a weekly basis).

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

This is awesome Tempus and so great that you felt so fulfilled afterwards.

Nevermind about not getting, like you said you achieved an awful lot.

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Thanks Sagira, it was an amazing feeling, the likes I've never felt before Smiley Happy.

I'm not stopping here, I am going to keep pushing myself and doing things I've always wanted to.

I should be giving a presentation on a game I'm making around mid Decemeber in front of a crowd that should be a few hundred people Smiley Very Happy, can't wait but have to get it done first Smiley Wink

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Congratulations Tempus!
Your should really be proud of yourself! It takes real guts to talk in front of such a large group of peers - I know I would definitely struggled.
Thank you so much for sharing - I know I got a lot out of it and I'm sure others will too!

Let us know how your presentation in December goes - what's it about?

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

@Dilz That's great to hear you got something out of my story! That was the whole purpose of me posting it Smiley Happy.

I sure will! Keep a look out for another story post around then Smiley Happy.

It's for a game convention (I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the venue which it is happening at). Basically I am presenting a sample of my game engine I am building to everyone there, just an opportunity to get recognised and show off what I can do and of course do some public speaking which I've found out I love Smiley Tongue.

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Sounds as though you are developing quite a talent for public speaking!! Great talent to have! Smiley Happy

I'm glad to hear you got a role of some description even though it wasn't the "BIG" one! Well done again. Smiley Happy

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Haha, yeah I think I am Smiley Tongue, it gives you quite a high xD.

Thanks Smiley Happy, I haven't got my role yet but I've been told by the principle we get a role Smiley Very Happy

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Go Team Tempus!