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Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Wow, I'm impressed - you should be so proud of yourself! I was terrified of talking in front of the school!! I would totally had voted for you - Team Tempus!

Online Community Manager

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Aww, thanks Sohpie, glad to hear I'm impressing people Smiley Tongue.


I get such a rush out of public speaking Smiley Tongue, I'd do it everyone day if I could.


Haha thanks for the support Smiley Tongue. I actaully found out my role now Smiley Very Happy! I get to MC year 8 assemblies which means more public speaking!! Smiley Very Happy. I also get to over see any and all student IT projects at the school (possible IT captain), which at the moment means over seeing a Minecraft server at the school Smiley Very Happy. I also get to MC year 8 assemblies with a cute a girl who is a good friend Smiley Tongue.

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

CONGRATS Tempus! Looks like you have a busy year ahead Smiley Happy

Hehe I love the emoticons...every time I read them I just imagine someone making those faces Smiley Happy

Re: Beating confidence issues (Story)

Thanks Dilz Smiley Happy. Yeah I do have a pretty busy year ahead of me, can't wait!

Yeah...sorry I do go a little over board but I only use them when that's what I'm actually feeling Smiley Happy