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Being a good ally to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters

This Sunday, and everyday of the year, it is important for non-indigenous Aussie’s to listen, be an ally, do your research and show up! 


So what can the ReachOut community do to be a good ally on and off the forums? 


Back in July, we held a Facebook live and forums discussion for NAIDOC Week 2019, where we spoke with Bianca, Angel and Ganur! Take a listen to their thoughts on being a good ally:



The key points! 


  • Ganur mentions to be a good ally, inform yourself of the issues. This includes doing some research, reading and having conversations with Aboriginal and Torres Islander people in your life about their experiences. Be curious and keep learning, remembering that there is so much history and are so many perspectives to explore. 


  • Angel talks about the importance of building your understanding of the perspectives and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Trait Islander peoples in your life. Empathy is so powerful 


How can I get involved this weekend?

  1. ReachOut will be at the Yabun Festival 2020 in Sydney this Sunday from (insert time). Come and join us! 
  2. "Sydney Elders" Continuing Aboriginal stories exhibition is currently on at the NSW State Librar on until Sunday 22 March 2020

We have a great Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander space here on the forums, check it out here



Re: Being a good ally to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters

Resurrecting this thread, as it's an important resource to have during these times regarding what's been happening in America/ worldwide. Heart