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Being in charge

I am an awkward person. (very much so) Basically I've been asked if I can be in charge of an after-school program at a school and I am nervous. I'm sure it'd be easy, but I'd be almost totally alone (unless there's enough kids which I'd have a helper) but can I really do it and take my own session? 

On this same vein, one of our dojos is supposed to be mine (basically I'm in charge) and I'm doing such a terrible job at it Smiley Tongue 


How to people be in charge/responsible for things? What is the secret? Smiley Tongue

Re: Being in charge

@N1ghtW1ng - that's awesome! Congratulations on being asked! 


Well the secret is.. there is no secret! (helpful right?!) Smiley Very Happy

But I will say that having confidence in yourself and your abilities is really important - if you've been asked by someone to do the job, it means they believe you can do it - they've seen something in you that makes them trust you're the one for the role.
You are more than likely much more capable than you think! 


Another tip is to look to those around you that you aspire to be like - whether they are acing a similar role, or seem really on top of things - model the good things that they do, and ask them for advice and insights. 
Don't be afraid to ask for help. Equip yourself with good knowledge, skills and backup plans if you're nervous going into a situation.

Every time you go into a situation that feels out of your depth, you'll be challenging yourself to grow! 

Good luck Heart



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Re: Being in charge

It is done @gina-RO. I have replied to her email (and text in the email Smiley Tongue) saying I am nervous but I can do it. (woo confidence Smiley Tongue) I'll start next Monday so fingers crossed! Smiley Tongue

Re: Being in charge

Yay @N1ghtW1ng, congratulations on being asked!! What an achievement already!!

Being in charge is such a daunting thing, but I know that you've got this!! Smiley Happy 

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Re: Being in charge

@N1ghtW1ng this is awesome. Good luck, you'll be amazing
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A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: Being in charge

WOOOO GO @N1ghtW1ng!! I know I would be nervous too, but it sounds like a really cool opportunity and I have full faith in your ability to be an awesome leader - you got this Smiley Very Happy



Re: Being in charge

@letitgo @redhead @roseisnotaplant thanks Smiley Happy My boss will be there for the first couple of sessions so that'll help a lot. Smiley Very Happy It'll be easy pie.