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Re: Being in the moment - continues

haha its quite possible we all feel like this @stonepixie





Its pretty deep stuff  XD Iv enjoy discussing it though! Smiley Happy




knowledge is power.jpg




Usually I think of CBT as one perspective and the whole mindfulness and related philosphy as another, but through your questions it made me think about it to see how they work together



So this was a real learning point for me, thanks guys Smiley Happy


I think theres a temptation to simplify things into one framework or a single understanding. But often things are way to complex to do this, so it can help to think of things on a number of levels and from a number of perspectives.


A good example of this is where psychology courses always emphasise a biological, psychological and sociological perspective (biopsychopsocial model) which they acknowledge all have some overlap with eachother, but are still individual perspectives, that are compartmentalized to an extent.




Personally I think that by respecting the complexity, you leave yourself open and naturally make connections over time. This is definately something that I struggle with Smiley Tongue



haha @stonepixieI use to play that when I studied in year 12 Smiley Tongue 


Re: Being in the moment - continues

yeah @Kit they were superstars!


Re: Being in the moment - continues

So glad I just now read this whole thread, guys! @stonepixie @Troy - My craving for a bit of intellectual discussion has now been well satisfied. You've inspired me to pick up some of my books on psych/mindfulness/neuropsych/cooking lol!! Cat Tongue

Loving those pics, too @Troy. Pretty amusing! And stonepixie, I luuurve Nyan cat and Keyboard cat. Spacey Nawwws Heart


Re: Being in the moment - continues

Aww ... Thanks. Smiley Happy Love how you threw a bit of cooking into the mix. Smiley Tongue

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Being in the moment - continues



Sometimes it hard to explain many things. But to inspire someone else to go and learn those things for themself is one of the best outcomes!  That makes me happy Smiley Happy