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Benefits of Essential Oils

I'd love to create a discussion about essential oils. I've heard that essential oils can be good for you.


Has anyone used them before? If yes, what do you like about them? 

@stonepixie I see that you have used them before. Maybe you can give some further info?


I might try and do some further research and get back to you all.

Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

Hey Kazdog, I have had a few friends who have used them as a way to "ground" themselves when feeling anxious or dissociative, kind of like a coping or distraction technique for self harm urges for example. I think they're a cool tool to have in the kit of things a person can use althooooough as always I'm going to say that they should always be used  along with seeing a doctor, learning skills from a psychologist and all that other great stuff is still important too Smiley Happy

Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

Ooh interesting @kazdog. I've heard of this but not really sure what they are Smiley Tongue What are they used for?

Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

I use them for my face because they are nourishing and great for repairing skin! They are also really great for dry skin.. That's all about I have to add.. I also use lavender oil on my pillow to help with sleeping (I don't know that it works but hey, it smells nice!). I also rub it into my cuticles to promote nail growth, it makes my nails look amazing and makes my hands soft!

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Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

I've never used Essential Oils, but I think this is a great topic for discussion @kazdog, and I look forward to reading what everyone else has to say about them!

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Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

@T4ils do you know which ones are good for dry skin? Smiley Happy I would like to incorporate some oil/s into my face moisturising routine but am a little bit scared haha Smiley Tongue

I'm not sure if it an essential oil but I like using avocado oil on my hair - it's easy to wash out (unlike coconut oil which is a nightmare for me unfortunately!)

Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

I just bought an oil burner the other day for the first time! I bought this pre-mixed essential oil blend called 'Meditation' which has clary sage, lavender and a few other oils. Very relaxing smell and helps me calm down Smiley Happy I also have peppermint oil which I initially got to deter this mouse that was coming round my place. Apparently peppermint can help you sleep better and it smells great!


I'd love to learn more from others who are using essential oils.

Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

 I have been using myself essential oils for some time. I learnt about them by mistake from a friend when I had to sleep over him because I missed my flight that day and I had already giving over the keys to my rented room to the landlord. As you can expect I was feeling because down and depressed because I missed my flight and a few of my money. 


He talked to be about them before but I did not took him seriously. Then I was there in his room and he placed a few drops from some of his bottles and I was blown away how god they made me feel. I was immediately sold. My headache was gone and I was relaxed and energetic in the same time. He used around 5 oils such as lavender, peppermint, cypress and I also tested out straight from the bottle another ones such as rosemary, frankincense. 


Because of this I started using them on my own and I know have a complete set for various tasks and situation that I perform daily. I use them for helping me out in the morning with my training, for helping me out with my work and focus and of course for relaxation/meditation.



Basically I have a set of 7 blend which I purchase regularly now because it is easier than buying them individually and mixing them myself. In my case they have been working wonders but that does not mean they will work for anyone. All you can do is to try them and see for yourself. Just because it is just a fragrance it does not mean it can't be powerful. 

Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

Hi @andrewreiki welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing the benefits you've experienced. I've just had to edit some of the content as per Community Guidelines, I have also sent you an email.

Re: Benefits of Essential Oils

Yes! You right the essential oil really works i use the oils many time and get awesome result,I am using the essential frankincense oil for my skin and yes it works is meant to nourish, brighten, and rejuvenate my skin.