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So basically I have known my female friend for just over a year now, we met at work. About 3 months ago now, I confessed to her that I think I'm starting to like her more then a friend. I did this through text message, she replied saying that she had thought about it herself and had also questioned her own feelings towards me. She said that she feels 100% comfortable with me, more so then her oldest friends she has know for years and years but she doesn't think it goes further.. We did met up for a drink to discuss it further, i was doing most of the talking and I said to her that I do like her..

She didn't really say much, however she did say there is something that makes me feel so comfortable with you. When she comes to my house and hangs out for the day, we sit very closely together, are legs are on eachothers and my hands rest on her legs.we are tactile with eachother, and neither of us move away or shift our bodies to create space so to me that indicates that we are happy-comfotable with eachother. I also gave her a foot massage aswell?

Is this normal or am I thinking that this is what couples do? Or am I over thinking the situation ? Everything just feels so comfortable and natural with her, and she is the only female I have ever questioned my feelings for? I have alwaysassumed I was straight as I have only ever dated men previously.

If we have both questioned our feelings for eachtoher then their must be something more in it then friendship?

I personally think my friend is scared to explore or go further with me? As she hasn't done anything like that before.. please someone help and give advice on this situation


Re: Bisexuality/Questioning

Hi @Bec98 thank you for sharing your experience with us Smiley Happy It sounds like you’re feeling confused about these feelings for your friend. 

It’s really normal as a young person to question your sexuality! It’s also normal to realise you’re bisexual even after a long time of thinking you’re straight, for me I didn’t realise I was a lesbian until I was 20 and always assumed I was straight before that. I can see that your feelings for your friend are really intense and close, and it’s awesome that you both feel so comfortable with each other Smiley Happy I think that friendships and relationships are different for everybody, and it might take more time and conversations with your friend to figure out what you’re both feeling and where to go from there. 

I’m wondering what you would like to happen with your friend? 

Re: Bisexuality/Questioning

Hi @Bec98 and thank you for posting about this. Unfortunately I don't have any experience in this area so can't offer any specific suggestions, but I am here to support you as much as I can. Smiley Happy

I see that @DruidChild has offered some great supporting, and I just wanted to check in - how have you been the last few days?  

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Bisexuality/Questioning

Hi @Bec98 !
Thank you for sharing Smiley Happy
Feeling confused about your sexuality is a super normal thing.
It sounds like you and your friend have a very close and comfortable friendship to start with which is an amazing thing! Sorting through feelings can take time and can be confusing.
Would you be happy for things to continue as they are for now or do you prefer things to progress?
Please let us know!
We are here for you Heart