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Body Image

I'm experiencing body image issues currently, all my friends say i'm not fat but I feel that I am. I've read all the resources but it doesn't really help me. What can I do next? I want to be happy and healthy. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do?


Re: Body Image

Hey @Health-freak, welcome to Reach Out and thanks for sharing your story with us. Dealing with body image problems can put you in a really rough head-space. It isn't easy to feel so negative about yourself. You're not alone and I think a lot of people experience negative body image at some point in their life. There is a point where it begins to have a significant impact on your life and stop you from doing things you usually like. It is really courageous and amazing that you have identified this as a problem for you. Are there any trusted adults you can talk to this about? Sometimes these issues require professional help. Do you see a psychologist or a GP? We are here to listen Heart

Re: Body Image

My family Mum, dad and brother don't take me seriously with what i'm experiencing, I'm only eating healthy foods no junk food and no dairy, I don't feel like their advice really helps, all they say is stop eating junk and exercise which i've always done, never ever have they taken what I say seriously. Thanks for replying 😘 I have a local doctor that I went to a few months ago maybe August and they told me I have Anaemia due to being a vegetarian and heavy periods and i've been loosing weight fast. I feel tired often though

Re: Body Image

I am sorry that you family doesn't take you seriously. That must be really upsetting! I can tell that you are really trying to eat healthily. I think accepting your body has to come from within yourself. I personally find it better to focus on being healthy and how you are feeling.. rather than how much you weigh. Unfortunately I had to edit out some details in your post about weight, you can review our guidelines here.


I know you said you have read the resources but this article here really outlines some ways that you can try and tackle your thoughts. What did the GP recommend in regards to eating habits and did you speak about seeing how you have been feeling about your body? If you are looking for a place to start, there is Kids Helpline or the Butterfly Foundation. Both these services have web-chat and the Butterfly Foundation specifically deals with body image Smiley Happy

Re: Body Image

For ages I've felt this way only recently i've felt like I should reach out, I haven't told the GP about it because I don't trust them, they'll judge me as they already make assumptions of me on my appearance and personality. I wish it was easier said than done.

Re: Body Image

hey @Health-freak welcome to Reach Out !

first of all i just want to congratulate you on making the first step of reaching out !Heart


@Taylor-RO has given some great advice so far. i really recommend you talking to the helplines above Taylor mentioned Smiley Happy we have this thread called self-love songs and from the suggestions the RO community made, i created my own self-love playlist Smiley Happy


i know a lot of us struggle with body image as well as me and i know it’s really tough. im just going to tag a few of members to give their advice ! 

@Bee @annabethxchase @lokifish @scared01 @gezellig

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Thanks for all the support it lovely to have someone care about me

Re: Body Image

Hiyah @Health-freak!

Great job on reaching out and identifying that you are having body image issues! Smiley Very HappyHeart

I think @Taylor-RO and @litgym have covered all of it, but it's really important that you feel good in your body, don't let anyone tell you what to do - it sounds like your friends are really supportive!


You seem to be taking all the steps required, some people loose weight quicker than others so it might take a while longer than expected. Here to talk Heart

Re: Body Image

I was also wondering how do you learn to find who you really are in life, what is the right path to choose in making sure your a role model to everyone. Teachers tell me that I'm a role model and I don't feel like I'm perfect in the slightest to suit that role they think I deserve. I want to empower youth but I haven't discovered who I am as a person. So my question is how do you discover who you are?

Re: Body Image

That is a really deep question @Health-freak! To be honest, I have no idea. It's something I'm working towards but I'm not there yet.

No one's perfect at anything, it's great your teachers think of you as a role model! Smiley Very Happy