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Boss annoyed I am leaving for a new job


Had a full time job as Internal Sales & been there for 3.5 years. I loved the job.

Not sure why I quit but I did.


Got another job as Internal sales but 5.5 months into the job I had a meeting with my two managers who said to me: "We feel like your personal issues are affecting your ability to do your job & it seems that you hate working here.

We think its best if you move on. You only have 2 weeks left on probation so you can quit today & leave no problems.

If you like you can stay on for the 2 weeks while you look for work but if we see it not working out we'll ask you to leave"

I was quite upset at this point by their accusations & figured if that was their attitude & they would fire me, it was best to quit that day.


So I was madly job hunting & took the first job offered as I was desperate for income having to pay rent bills etc.

This role was Reception as temp to permanent. Now 3 months into the job it was not what I expected & I was not busy enough to enjoy it. Also the fact I missed customer service.

So I told HR/my boss that I was going to leave & was looking for a new job. I received an interview with an agency & then a 2nd interview with the company. My agent called saying I had the job & she needed to speak with the company about when I start.

My current job, management offered me a permanent role with more work & on going tasks.

I never heard back from my agent so took the offer thinking my reception job would get busier with more work & daily tasks.


Six months later nothing has changed & I am not enjoying my job.

So I have once again started looking for a new job & went to an interview at an agency after work last Thursday.

This was for the same role I was offered 6 months ago but now with through a different agency.

They called me Friday & said I have an interview with the company on Monday 11/11.

At this point I spoke with HR/my boss that I was job looking as I missed my old role in customer service & felt like that was my passion. She told me "Do what you think is best"


Monday comes & I go to the interview, it went really well & my agency will call my by Friday & let me know if I have the job.

My HR/boss asked how it went & I told her. She said "I hope you get it since that is what you want"


Now at the end of the day when I was about to leave HR/my boss has a chat with me about the job situation.

She thinks changing jobs wont make me happy & gave me this print out about Gen Y kids & what they think from: WaitButWhy website.

Also she says that being at a job 6 months then at another job 1 year then changing jobs does not look good on my resume from a HR point of view & that I must stay at the new job at least 1-2 years even if I hate it because no one wants to hire someone who "job hops". She even admitted that when she was hiring warehouse staff that they tossed away a good resume as the guy had had 2 jobs prior 1 lasting 6 months & the other 1 year


Is it wrong of her to be annoyed that I am leaving this job because I am bored & would prefer to work in customer service again as that is what I enjoy?

Also does it look bad to employers about my work history??


Thanks for your help.

Re: Boss annoyed I am leaving for a new job

Sounds like you have been experiencing lots of different work places. It's really good to hear that you are able to get jobs.

Couple of things I noticed, you mentioned that you wanted to go back to a customer role. So it sounds like you've tried a few fields and know what you like now. That sounds really mature to me.

I do think its a good idea to do the job that you want to do. As for job hopping, maybe take that idea on board and go and talk to a counsellor about it. Right now it seems like an idea you are only just thinking about, it can help to have another person to bounce that off.

In the mean time there's nothing wrong with changing jobs as it seems you'll be able to get another one.

As for resumes, I personally don't put all my jobs down because too many people judge off face value.

Enjoy thinking about it! When in doubt, flip a coin, you'll know what you want to do before the coin lands. Smiley Happy

Re: Boss annoyed I am leaving for a new job

Hey aurora1988, 


Sorry to hear that these jobs haven't exactly been as enjoyable as you had hoped. 


It's good to know that you are able to quickly get a new one if the current position doesn't work out. I don't think it's wrong for you for leaving; you're still trying to figure out what best suits you. You could take a break from work to gather your thoughts and decide how to approach from there.


The employer is probably annoyed because you are leaving after a short amount of time and she may feel she has wasted her time. As for work history, you can choose what you would like to put on your CV in accordance to what position you're applying for to elaborate on your skillset - rather than putting down your entire work experiences. 



Stay excellent

Re: Boss annoyed I am leaving for a new job

Hey  @aurora1988 …


I tend to agree with @Beep that your approach has been quite mature, even down to the point of telling HR what you're up to (which you really don't have to do as it's not really any of their business).


It sounds like HR means well by what they're doing. They're looking out for you but they don't necessarily have the full story and maybe they don't understand how important it is to you to be in a customer service role. If anyone ever asks why you "job hopped", you can say you wanted to try out other areas to make sure customer service was really what you wanted to do — and now you're certain of that.


I think the advice about sticking with a job you hate for 1-2 years is kind of awful. I do think it's important to give a new job a couple of months to get settled but I think if it's going to get better or you're going to like it, you'll know in the first couple of months. Punishing yourself just to make sure that item on your CV is better? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.