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Breaking Habits

Hey guys!

To start off the thread, here's a comic!



It can be really hard to break habits on your own, and a little suport can go a long way into helping you get over them! (Sadly though, my nails are still being bitten, but that's why I started this thread!) We all have that little habit, it's annoying, irritates you (and sometimes the people around you), but you (or at least I) still do it. But a little help can go a long way so... 


My little, annoying habit is that I am a compulsive nail biter. I do it when I'm nervous, hungry, bored, happy, sad, I just do it. For me, it's not a tell, a movement that hints at a feeling like nervousness, it's just an action that I can't stop. It's killing my teeth and my nails. It also drives me crazy but, and here's the worst part, I cannot stand to see the white part of my nail. The end tip. If my nails have that, it has to go! I don't know why but I just do not like seeing that white tip on my nails. 


I need some help, suggestions, ideas, tips, anything that can help me break this habit. It's being going on for a long while and despite my mother's constant telling me to stop, I don't. As I mentioned above, it's like a compulsion to me. A little silly, nail biting a compulsion, it's just biting nails, everyone does it! Maybe a story about your own bad habit? We can all help each other by *pun warning* Reaching Out and giving suggestions or sharing your own story!





Also, these art challenges are great! (The comic was inspired by the second one) Even if you don't want to post whatever you create, or join in, still check it out! You never know if you'll be inspired!


Re: Breaking Habits



YAY it's the awesome comic / cartoon that you made. So cool that you were able to relate this to a topic and make a new thread!


Biting nails is a tough one. I know my sister used to do it and she painted her nail with this clear chilli nail polish! Stopped her because its too hot when you chew. Maybe you could buy gum? That would stop you chewing because you'd be chewing something else.


I can't think of my bad habits at the moment - dw dw im sure i have A MILLION - but there aren't many physical ones. I think they are all bad psychological habits haha Smiley Tongue


Re: Breaking Habits

@lanejane I'm afraid gum isn't the answer, I can't stand chewing gum (weird, I know since I chew everything)

Re: Breaking Habits

Hi, I have an habit of doing something, which i can't tell you because i dont feel comfortable tell yet. But I can't stop and like when I do stop i'll be able to stop for like 1 - 2 days because I have people around me that i don't want to know. If you get what i mean. My mum finds  like 'clues' and she would be like what is that? is that a rash? i'm taking you to the doctors? And like i don't want to tell her and it's annoying because everytime we talk i feel so un-comfortable and like i have to hide the marks and she won't get off my back.


I've tried stopping but i can only stop for 2 days and then i'll get the urge to do it again. I can't go to anyone for help because i'm pretty sure i'm the only one. like. I am SURE i am the only one. :/ please help. I don't know how to stop and there is like no way for me. I try stopping but i'ts imposstible because i'll keep going after 2 days maxim 


Re: Breaking Habits

Have you tried looking at distraction techniques for self-harm @DistancePerson? It's based on similar science Smiley Happy


Re: Breaking Habits

Howdy @DistancePerson,

Here's a bunch of suggestions for ways to distract yourself which can be used for a few bad habits! I hope one of them helps you!



Re: Breaking Habits

hey @N1ghtW1ng 

i used to bite my nails too! I used a similar thing to what LaneJane spoke of with the nail polish but this one wasnt chilli (i love hot food anyway so might not have worked hehe) but it just tasted soooo gross and chemically. Even when i ate and licked my fingers (purposely or even accidently when putting food in my mouth) it would taste disgustinggggg and chemically haha

Maybe give that a go, i think you can find it at chemists or even priceline and stuff in the nail section probably has it


My bad habit is when i have any tiny thing - a pimple, a mozzy bite, anything! i scratch at it and cant leave it alone!

If i left it, it would probs go in like one day, but nooo.. the tiniest spot and im in there squeezing like crazy until it actually makes it a big thing!

um i also try and squeeze my boyfriends spots because i love the satisfaction i get when i get them - hartley 1 pimple 0



so yeah now you all know that i am weird.... hi


Re: Breaking Habits

@hartley_ that is not weird at all! I'm like that too! So is my mum, seriously. She'll just go ahead and squeeze my dad's spots without even asking.

I suppose I'll have to try the nail polish. I'd use clear stuff though, because I hate nail polish. In fact, I dislike most things associated with 'girly'. Ah well. Another day.