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Broken Friendships

Have you ever taken a friend back, after having a huge fall out? When I was younger my boyfriend broke up with me so that he could go out with my bestfriend. Only months later did I find out that he'd cheated on me with her whilst we'd still been going out. I didn't talk to her for a year, and there was a lot of tension when we were in the same room.


However in this past year I've started talking to her again, and I can again tolerate her - my ex and her breaking up played a big part in this. But our relationship is no where near as close as it use to be, which is quite sad.


So, have you even had a huge falling out with a friend but managed to patch things up? Or, have you ever had a huge falling out and not worked things out?


Re: Broken Friendships

Yes, I have. My best friend (who, yes, is now my best friend again) and I stopped being friends for a couple of years. It was over a stupid misunderstanding (over a boy - what else!) and it happened due to a lack of trust. We both had some tough experiences around that time and neither of us was in a good headspace. Anyway, a couple of years later I really missed her. Like really really missed her. And I decided to contact her again. She was willing to meet up and although it was a bit awkward at first and we had to have some tough conversations about the past we eventually realised what a stupid misunderstanding it was and we've become as close as we once were. It has taken time but I love having her in my life again.


@florenceforever I can imagine it would be harder in your situation where your boyfriend at the time was cheating on you with her. I guess it would be hard to build up the trust again - do you find that you don't trust her as much anymore?