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Camp was Amazing !

Camp was amazing my anxiety somehow didn’t exist but most activities I sat out which I feel bad about because I felt like I would of grown as a person if I did it. Camp was a time I forgot about everything that was happening with my Dad and my sister I had fun and it was an experience I would never forget. As soon as I got home my emotions were back to sad, anger and  happiness. Which I’m wondering if it’s because I got to escape reality and forget about everything going on in my life and that I was back in reality. I don’t know whether it’s what’s going on In my life causing me a level amount of stress and anxiety but funny thing is I never felt it at camp once. 

Re: Camp was Amazing !

Hey @Dleehy2002

That's great that you enjoyed camp Smiley Happy 

It's totally fine to sit out on activities - remember even getting to camp was a big step for you! Maybe if you return to camp next year, you won't be so scared to sit out on activities and give things a go. 

I always find after a fun experience you grieve a bit about the fun you had and now it's back to reality and it's a good thing as it meant that you enjoyed that experience. 

It sounds like camp was a great distraction and it helped give your mind a break, plus it also showed your anxiety who was boss which is great. 

How do you think you will go with handling the stress with your dad and sister now that you're back home? Do you have any strategies you can do?


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Camp was Amazing !

Hey @Dleehy2002,


It's great that you decided to go on camp and had a great time! It seemed like it was a big step for you. It's okay to sit out activities that you feel uncomfortable about. Maybe it can be something you think about giving a go the next time you go on camp as you would know what to expect now.


It sounds like you are feeling more anxious since being back home? Are there any things that you do to help calm you down when you feel like this?

Re: Camp was Amazing !

hey @Dleehy2002
so glad to hear it was amazing Smiley Very Happy
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**