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Can't find work.

So I'm in a really tough place. I'm 21 and throughout my teen years I was lazy, never studied and never searched for work. I want to enter retail or fast food just to get some experience and pay so I can finish my studies and ente the Air Force, but I have nothing to put on my resume except that I worked at a banana farm for like a week. I don't even have a car for work transport. No matter how many times I clean up my resume I keep getting turned down and I'm worried I'l be near my 30's by the time I'm off square one. Every single place wants experience and when they don't they're hoping to hire 15-16 year olds. I don't have proper internet or a computer so even looking for jobs is a pain, I have to use public computers, and pretty much have to plan my whole day around one job search due to no car and needing lifts/public transport. Bassicly I feel like I'm moving at a snails pace while everyone else my age is 10 steps ahead. 

Re: Can't find work.

Heya @Mantis, welcome to RO Smiley Happy


That's definitely a tough situation to be in Smiley Sad I know you don't have a car but do you have your licence yet? Are there any family members or friends who'd let you use their computer for job hunting/car for job interviews? Or could you try something like babysitting or mowing lawns for your neighbours, just to have something extra to put on your resume? 


Also if you don't mind me asking yet another question: what are you studying? Most unis/TAFEs have careers support services, and sometimes people in the industry will take on students before they've finished their studies.


It's important to remember that although it may seem like others have what you don't - that's not always the case. I'm the same age and while there's definitely pressure to act like you've got your shit together, I don't know anyone who actually does. Just the fact that you're trying so hard to better your life is pretty admirable

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Re: Can't find work.

Hi @Mantis

That is a very challenging situation to be in Smiley Sad

Touching on what @lokifish, do you go to TAFE or uni? Because they usually have a careers counsellor or information on jobs. 

Otherwise getting volunteering or an unpaid internship might be a good place to start! It gets your foot into the door and you'll get the experience to put onto your resume Smiley Happy 


Re: Can't find work.

Hello @Mantis

Sorry to hear about your troubles, it's never a good feeling to be stuck in the 'need experience to get experience' cycle.

In agreement with @missep and @lokifish, who've already given great advice, if you're able to talk to a careers counsellor at the institution where you're studying, not only can they direct you to jobs on campus, but can also help you get paid (or unpaid) intern experience in the field you're studying.

It may seem like everyone else is a step ahead, but try filter out what everyone else is doing as you focus on improving yourself since everyone has a different story on how they reach their goals. Smiley Happy

Re: Can't find work.

Looking for work is tough and it seems like everyone is trying to find a job at the moment (myself included).

In regards to your resume, I know you said that you haven't had any major previous employment but did you have to do volunteering at school? Babysat? Taken care of a neighbours pets? If you have had any responsibility of any kind put it on your resume. 

I do a few odd jobs around the place for extra cash, I was helping a friend with some weeding yesterday for some money. Maybe you could ask around if anyone has any odd jobs that you could do for cash?

The local youth centre near me does job seeker workshops as does the library maybe ring up your local government (or look on their website) to see if yours does as well.

All you need is one place to take a chance on you so maybe print off your resume and go round to any place within an easy to get to distance and drop off your resume and have a chat to the manager if you can? If you look presentable and come across as confident I am sure someone will give you a chance! 

All the best Smiley Happy 

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