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Caring what other people think

Hello everyone, how are you?

I am struggling to believe that no one is thinking about me. Everyday i wake up and assume that every person I see is thinking about me. Its really exhausting. Also i attention seek a lot because I am so used to thinking people have nothing better to do then think about me.  Even writing this post makes me think that when someone reads it they are judging my every word. That sounds crazy I know. I was wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing if so, are there any tips you could give to stop worrying about it so much. Thanks x

Re: Caring what other people think

Hi @PpSADeGo,


I have sent you an email earlier today, but also wanted to reply to this thread too Heart


It sounds like you really value how other people see you. To some degree I believe we all care about how others see us and we wonder what they think of us - even when we don't want to!


You mentioned feeling like it has been really exhausting for you, can you tell me a little bit more about this? Is your concern about what others are thinking of you? We would love to understand this more from your experience Smiley Happy

Re: Caring what other people think

Hello @Jess1-RO. Thanks for the reply.
I always put other people’s thoughts and opinions before my own. For example, I would try and analyse what someone else is thinking about me even a stranger and then try to adjust my behaviour to what I think they think of me. I care so much. If I do this too much I end up loosing myself and forgetting who I truly am.