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Think of a flower  , they are buried under soil , from a different perspective it’s just soil from above , but under the soil life is being created and forming into something beautiful , it can’t be observed by others, but it still manifesting despite not being recognised , it takes time and a healthy environment for it to grow out of the soil , even then it doesn’t grow all at once , the flower once surfaced will have to know how to adapt to its new environment , survive the storms , the intense heat , deprived from water and light ,predators and infestations, but it’s soul purpose is to grow into something amazing and do it’s best. That’s what humans must do to survive , lay low and grow , no one else’s perspective matters , other don’t know what’s happening under the surface , but even when growing into the next stages there will be difficulties but you must  keep growing into a higher version of yourself - TIL

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This is beautiful @TIL 




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Very beautiful indeed @TIL.
I wish others at school could be nice like that...

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That's such a beautiful way of describing change @TIL 
You're so right, every individual journey is different and no one knows the road you're travelling but yourself, showing compassion for ourselves and others is also important, but at the end of the day you don't have to justify yourself continuously to others Heart (you've really got a way with words by the way! that post was really evocative Heart)

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What a beautiful picture to match what I wrote Smiley Happy