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Chicago Is In Love With Ireland.

Hey ReachOut,


They're just nicknames: Chicago lives here. Ireland, in Ireland.


How can Ireland and Chicago meet each other?  


I find it is very challenging and a struggle. Has anyone else experienced long distant relationship?


I mean it is a wonderful thing to find love, but goodness - long distant relationship makes me want to drop everything here to be with her. However, I can't, because I have so much projects down here, which will be transferred to Chicago (the place in the US) and she won't let me drop everything. I really love her Smiley Happy


I think this is a test from the Gods/Goddesses, because both our career is within the media (me in the TV Industry and her in the Music Industry).


I feel like life is preparing us for when we meet soon, because we will both be in distant relationship still.


So, maybe this is a preparation. I think it is. Smiley Happy


Is it?


x Chicago.


ps: I cant talk to my parents about this, because they don't know I am a lesbian. Smiley Very Happy


Re: Chicago Is In Love With Ireland.

Wow Chicago, I had the read that post 3 times just to understand... it is geographically confusing to say the least! 


Yeah long distance relationships are tricky - as i know very well. I think they can work as long as you are working towards a plan to be back together at some point. That was how it worked for my partner and I anyway. We spent a 1/3 of the year apart for 5 years to further our careers, but we made a clear decision that it couldn't go on forever. 


It sounds like you and Ireland need to spend some more time together and work out if a long distance relationship if gonna work for you. Also, if you both work in entertainment, you might not have much choice if you are to both keep doing what you do now.


On the point about your parents not knowing you are a lesbian. Are you planning on telling them at some point? It is different for everyone, but for me telling my parent I am gay was one of the smartest (but hardest) things I have ever done. I think if you are used to sharing your feelings with your parents (and it sounds like you are), and you have met someone you  really care about - telling them might be a really positive move.


Let us know how you get on.






Re: Chicago Is In Love With Ireland.

To be honest, I don't think our relationship will work. It saddens me so much that it sounds like a break up. I do not want to break up with her. I mean, we have fought so many times and have come back together again. I know our relationship is strong. 


She had a massive anxiety attack, when I told her I think we should go our separate ways, which lead me to supporting her and talking to her on the phone to help her breathe.


I mean, how do you trust someone the second time or third time or fouth time - when they have lied to you repeatedly? I don't think I can be with someone that has lied to me so many times. I want to feel like I am worth telling the truth to.


Except, we both cannot leave each other. It's just impossible, because I love her so much and she loves me so much and I don't want to break her heart, but I know one day, she will break mine. She broke it the other night, when she shared something on social networking. It really upset me, because I felt like someone shoved their hand in my heart & ripped it out of my chest.


We sorted that out and she said it wasn't directed at me. She literally changed her biography and dropped everything for me. I didn't tell her to do it. She just did it. I told her to not drop everything for me, because I want her to be happy in her life as well.

She said: She's only happy with me and when she speaks to me. Though, I don't know why both my heart & brain are saying: Move on. Find someone else. Later on, my heart is saying: Don't break her heart. Smiley Sad


It's our two month on this week and I am just really struggling with this relationship. I mean she's very hard to understand. I don't hate her or do I hate her? I don't love her or do I love her?


I don't want to tell my parents yet, until it's been more than a year and I can figure out my relationship with her.


My relationship is complicated. It's not even 2 months. Bah! :'(


I want a hug. Where is my Little Ireland. I miss her. Smiley Sad