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Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

Hey, everyone inspired by @Saltwaterdreamtime I wanted to make a thread to see how everyone was feeling about Christmas and the new year and to see what you do to lift your spirit during the Christmas season or for the new year. I acknowledge that this time of year may be tough for some and please feel free to share why with us if feel comfortable. 


For me this year I am struggling a little to get into the Christmas spirit so I'm taking it slow and adding things I enjoy into my days when I can.

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

@A_Friend I'm sorry to hear you're struggling right now to get into it, but a little bit at a time all adds up! For me, I love Christmas but New Years not so much. I love celebrating/thinking about the meaning and history of Christmas, the way different cultures celebrate Christmas and the way people become more conscious about spreading love and kindness during Christmas. I love the beautiful music and decorations and I say this but know at some stages during the Christmas season I'm a hypocrite, but I try to remind myself to be a conscious shopper and not get too caught up in the commercialisation of it all. I feel like there's so much pressure on 'new year new me' to have the best New Years on social media and do everything right in the new year. But it makes me sad that many families will not be able to be together this year but I think it reminds us not to friends, family and celebration for granted when we have it.

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Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

This year, has been really good of the reminder to be grateful for what you have. I can empathise with feeling that of pressure surrounding the new year, what is making you feel so pressured is it social media? or friends and family? or yourself? If you would take my advice into consideration I would suggest taking some time off social media, I can understand wanting a better year but I would set your goals/intentions and resolutions for yourself and remember to take on what you can handle and tell yourself you're proud and love yourself in the mirror until you believe it may be it a bit awkward at first or cringe. 


I hope that you can feel better about New Years soon. I have been feeling a little more in the Christmas spirit with taking time to ease into it all.

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

Hi @A_Friend !


This season has come around so fast and it feels like I am not ready for this year to end. 

Something that I enjoy doing as my family doesn't decorate for Christmas as much as I would like, is that I decorate my own room and put up lights, put on music, change my desktop wallpaper, etc. I just really like to create my safe space really festive as it's where I'm spending most of my time.


Are you able to decorate around your house and if so, what are some ideas you think could work to spice up your living area?


It's a little hard to have the whole "white Christmas" vibe since well, Australia is a very hot and humid country around this time, but doing your best to just surround yourself with Christmasy things always does the trick for me.


Additionally, I found that going to shopping centers also does the trick sometimes as they usually get really festive and decorative around this time of year. Even just putting on Santa hats with your friends and going window shopping at Westfield can lift up your spirits.


Hope this helps friend! 

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

Hi @Anzelmo thank you for your suggestions, I have put some Christmas lights on my bed and a Santa hat on my record player. It's great to hear that you're in the Christmas spirit 

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts



That sounds really cute and it's cool how you have a record player, I wish I had one. I actually also decorated my room with Christmas lights. I put them up 2 years ago for Christmas and just never took them down. No reason too, they look cute and make me happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

I don't celebrate Christmas, but will use this time to eat as much chocolate and other foods I like to eat as possible

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts


Honestly, everyone goes through this time of the year differently, and as long as you're happy then you do you. What's your fav chocolate to cheer you up? 

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

@Anzelmo Anything that is chocolate, haha

Re: Christmas and new year feelings and thoughts

@A_Friendsorry it took so long for me to respond. I don't think it's social media that's making me feel pressured, or my friends/family/myself either, I haven't really explored it very much to be honest, New Years has just never been my favourite holiday celebration, I like thinking and planning for the new year but in terms of execution of the actual night, yeah just not my fave. Trying to change my mindset about it though, because I don't like to have set negative mindsets about anything. Thank you for your advice!


I'm glad you're feeling a little more in the Christmas spirit, I saw you also put up some little decorations in your bedroom, that's very cute. Have you done any other shopping/baking/celebrating since we last spoke?