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Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

@Dream_State Of course! It's one of those things that can have such a huge impact, not only to you but with everyone so don't feel alone within it Heart


I can understand that factor, I myself have been seeing the same across my social media platforms and it can be quite pressuring to be conformed into. It's great that some people have the confidence to express themselves in which ever way they please, but it is also just as important for you to express yourself in the way that works with you. I came across a quote the other day that might resonate with you. "This life is mine alone, so I have stopped asking people for directions in places they have never been" - Glennon Doyle. Your scars are your story, and most of your friends/others won't experience them the way you have, so doing what works for you is important Heart

Try to find something that you feel pretty and confident in! Instagram has some really nice swimwear brands, grab some inspo and hopefully there is one you love 

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

That sounds like such a tough thing to deal with @Dream_State. Smiley Sad
I have a lot of scarring on my body, although they are not from surgeries, and I get insecure about them too. I'm sure many other people are going through similar feelings and experiences.
I myself find it hard to answer questions about my chronic illnesses. I get anxious about explaining why I can't eat certain foods or see certain things. I tend to think of every possible question someone could ask me and how I should respond.
Something gave me comfort, and that was reading that many changes in appearance aren't actually noticed by other people that much. I feel like I waste more time thinking about what other people might think about me than the amount of time they actually think about me.

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

Sorry to hear you feel insecure about your scars @WheresMySquishy that must be really hard. I think it’s really great that you have found that article and that it has given you some comfort Heart It’s so awesome of you to be supporting others through this too!

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

Does anyone else on here struggle to relate when other people tell us about illnesses that don't seem to be as bad or remotely comparable as ours?
I often feel this way when other people tell me about their eye problems, especially if they tell me about some irrelevant or pseudoscientific treatment that helped them that I should try myself or if they act like it's the end of the world.
Some of the things I want to say to them are:
- 'You're in your 60s-80s, you're lucky you only started needed glasses/eye drops now'
- 'At least you're expected to make a full recovery, I am expected to always have this problem and get worse over time'
- 'If my ophthalmologists thought there was a possibility of that working, they would have already tried it'.
I try to be empathetic but sometimes I just want to say, 'Bruh.' Smiley LOL

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

@WheresMySquishy My brother, who called me lazy when I was considering getting a wheelchair, spent like 30 minutes complaining about how his elbows bent backwards. "It sucks that only those joints are hypermobile" he says, clearly a stranger to the pleasures of standing for too long and realising your main weight bearing leg has been bent backwards for 40 minutes .

Seriously though, after years of calling me a cry baby he's whining about how it hurts. He apparently hasn't yet figured out that not everything's made for him and he needs to bend his damn elbows rather than complaining to me about it.


My only other comparable experience is when other chronic pain havers get jealous of my cane. Like.. They could get one for themselves. They sell them at chemists. There's nothing stopping them. Baffling.


I've missed most of the pseudoscience, but I get told about yoga a lot.

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

@Tiny_leaf  That's so horrible! Smiley Sad It can be really hard to bite your tongue in those kinds of moments. I felt similarly with my grandma when she was still living at home with us. Every day, she would complain about some minor ailment. She even complained to me that she had to get glasses for the first time in her 80s despite her vision being quite good for her age. She knew that I had to get glasses when I was five. Smiley LOL
It baffles me when other people get jealous about things like that too. My favourites are people who say, 'Can you stop eating that food, because I can't afford it and it's like you're trying to make me feel bad about myself?'
Today I got told about the dangers of messing around with too many eye drops as they will inevitably damage my eyes and about how I need to ask my ophthalmologist for something that will filter out blue light. I feel like I'm sometimes playing chronic illness bingo. Smiley LOL

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

@WheresMySquishy honestly make a bingo card. They can be fun.


I've recently got glasses. It's weird because it's like I can see EVERYTHING.

And then I get dizzy and have to take them off.


Honestly the thing that baffles me is that it's not like there's anything stopping them, they can afford a cane and know that one would be useful.


Oh where is your grandma now?

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

@WheresMySquishy That sounds very annoying!

One thing that really frustrated me was when I was younger, my cousin (same age) was going to have an endoscopy (camera down throat) and at a family gathering, the grandparents were all making a big deal about him. They all knew I was going to have my twelfth endoscopy in a weeks time but no mention. He was showered with soft toys. It’d been arranged that he didn’t need a gown, had a games iPad until he was out and chose the method of anaesthetic, parents there the whole time. For me, no parent, no iPad, got the gown and the gas, and put the mask on myself cause I was such a regular. I don’t want that attention but like I’m still here. I must say my parents are awesome about it though, they fast with me every time.


People can be frustrating. I hope you find strength when in conversations like that!


Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

@Tiny_leaf  It can be so hard to get used to glasses. I find that it takes me a few days to adjust when I get a new pair.
I agree with you about the cane. I've had family members who were told to take painkillers while their injuries healed, but they refused and then spent ages complaining of the pain. It's not like we didn't have any painkillers either. Smiley LOL
My grandma is back in her nursing home now. She seems to be okay after her hospitalisations but chances are, she will end up in hospital again. I think the nursing home is the best place for her right now because she is receiving more care than we are able to provide for her at home.

Re: Chronic Illness Support Squad

@WheresMySquishy I'm slowly starting to wear them more, it's amazing how much I can see with them!

I'm glad your grandma is somewhere she can be looked after properly, hopefully there's a bit less pressure on you as well.