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Cleanliness and Well-being

Hey Guys, 


I have recently been watching the 'Marie Kondo: Tidying Up' series on Netflix and it really got me thinking about how the space I keep can significantly affect my mood. Sometimes I find cleaning to be very therapeutic and other days it feels like I've let it all go so it can be quiet overwhelming to get it back in order/ such a big task! It can be hard to find a nice balance but I know I am happiest when my space is tidy and all in order.  There's also a lot research that supports keeping a tidy space so I know I should do it!


How do you guys feel about cleanliness and does it have an affect on you? I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you have or even if you've watched the series what your thoughts were! Marie Kondo is just the cutest!!


Smiley Happy

Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

Hey @lennycat2017. I've heard SO much about the Marie Kondo series but I haven't watched it myself yet.

In terms of cleanliness, I definitely notice a relationship between the state of my room and my well-being. If it's particularly untidy, it usually means I'm feeling out of control. On the other hand, if I'm having a huge clean-out, it usually means that I'm feeling anxious about something else and channeling that energy into decluttering.


In terms of suggestions, when I'm finding tidying to  be an overwhelming task, I'll start with just one section at a time. e.g. I might tell myself that all I'm doing is tidying my desk, and then once that's done, my bookshelf and so on. What do you reckon? Smiley Happy 

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Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

@letitgo I would recommend it! It's crazy to see how much people can collect over the years and the transformations always my favourite part.


I appreciate that you mentioned when you're feeling anxious it can result in a big clean out! After this post last night, I sat in my room for hours just thinking about how I needed to spring clean it and declutter.  Although that got the better of me for a bit, I have set aside time to that this weekend so I have a plan in place. 


I personally try to schedule it into my week as well. Even if i've only got 30 minutes, it feels better to have done a little bit! Plus it means it's less likely to get super overwhelming. And I definitely will be using your suggestion this weekend, tackling one section at a time! This is something Marie Kondo does as well Smiley Tongue

Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

hey Smiley Happy

i havent watched it but i do find cleaning can be quite theraputic and having a clean space is great. i find if my house is really messy then i cant seem to think straight until i get it back to more normal. i can find it quite overwhelming to though. i guess it kinda depends on the day and whats happening.

if your feeling overwhelmed when cleaning or needing to clean a suggestion i have is to break it down into smaller steps. it is something i do too and maybe itll help others too...

so for example ill write a list of the things i need to do briefly like washing, clean the kitchen and clean the bathroom. but under those headings ill break it down further like-
1. do the washing
- put a load of washing on
- hang it out
- once dried bring it inside
- fold clothes up.

does that make sense? sometimes breaking it down into small steps can make it seem a little less daunting
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Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

@scared01 really love that tip! Would leave me feeling super accomplished having ticked off all those things one by one. I love a good list Smiley Happy 


Thanks so much for sharing 

Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

Smiley Happy
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

@lennycat2017 Thats a good question and even I have watched the series Smiley Happy I honestly find cleanliness very therapeutic because it always makes me feel like I have lifted a big load off of me when I see a clean house. I feel more refreshed and positive which is also the reason why I do a lot of decluttering in my house xx 

Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

Update: I Marie Kondo'd my bedroom and it feels great! I had a lot of clothes I haven't worn which went to lifeline and reorganising to store everything the way she does actually makes it so much easier! 


10/10 Would hug Marie in a second Smiley Happy

Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

Just a Random Off Topic Question here; I am planning to spend the earth day this year with my family. I would like to let my children know that what are the steps that we have to take in order to save the planet and save our future generations as well. For this, I and my children are going to plant a tree in our garden. I need a suggestion if any of you have even a little bit of knowledge about gardening, let me know which plants should I grow this 22nd of April on the occasion of earth day.

Re: Cleanliness and Well-being

@creativehamza15 that's an awesome idea! not only helping the earth but a great way to teach children a bit of responsibility trying to grow things! 


I would say it depends on where you live if its outside! It might be an idea to go to your local Bunnings or nursery and get the staffs suggestion depending on what you're looking for to i.e. low maintenance, flowering etc and then the kids can be apart of the selection process too! 


Keep us updated with how it goes Smiley Happy