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Comfort objects!!

I’ve been sleeping all over the place lately (different emergency dept’s, different hospitals, different family members couches) and it’s made me think a lot about what my comfort objects are - the things that no matter what’s going on or how bad things are, I can hold onto these things and know I’m going to be alright! When I don’t have much of a home, I’ll lay out these things and know I’m at least kinda home. 


For me, they’re:

My denim jacket, it’s cosy and safe and warm and makes me feel like a badass!! 

My toy bunny, she’s so soft and I can squeeze her really tight when I’m scared. 

A small postcard icon of Mother Mary, I’m not super religious but something about the image brings me a lot of comfort!

My boots with pride shoelaces, super comfy and tough and pretty. 


What are everyone else’s comfort objects? 



Re: Comfort objects!!

@DruidChild mine is a soft toy dinosaur named Timmothy, and a fluffy weighted blanket.

A lot's been happening so I don't have access to all my normal comfort items, but at least I have those two.

Re: Comfort objects!!

Those sound lovely @Tiny_leaf, weighted blankets are amazing, aren’t they? I’m sorry to hear you’ve been away from your other comfort items, I really hope things settle down soon and you can get back to a place that feels more familiar, safe, and comfortable Heart

Re: Comfort objects!!

Can I count my dog as my comfort object? If so, my dog Koko is my comfort object as she is always ready to give me a cuddle if I am feeling down. Other than cuddling her, I also love lighting a candle as I have some really nice smelling glasshouse candles! That always helps me feel a bit more relaxed Smiley Happy

Re: Comfort objects!!

Thanks @DruidChild Smiley Happy

Re: Comfort objects!!

For sure @Sophia-RO ! That’s so sweet, what kind of dog is she? 

Re: Comfort objects!!

@DruidChild Im sorry to hear you're experiencing a lack of consistency in your living space, I imagine this to be pretty exhausting and stressful time for you and I hope you're coping okay. I think its so admirable that you've looked for consistent and comforting objects to keep you grounded during this time!

Ive never had to think about my comfort objects before but now that I am a few things spring to mind
- my phone (not proud but somehow comforting)
- my own scent - I know that might sound weird but the smell of my own clothes, my own washing detergent and deodorant is so comforting to me. When I stay at a friends house or my partners house, I always seem a bit bothered that the pillow doesn't smell like my own.

Re: Comfort objects!!

@DruidChild what a lovely thread to start, we appreciate it! 

I hope your comfort objects bring you consolation- do these objects change overtime?


Mine would be my heatpack, a good book, and a hoodie!


Re: Comfort objects!!

@DruidChild Good thread! My comfort object is this little bear my boyfriend gave me. He sprayed it with his perfume so it smells like him. Something about familiar smells is really comforting for me. I know that whatever happens, he's there for me even when he's not with me in person. So having the bear to hold and smell can calm me down so much when I need it most. 


Does anyone else have something to smell that brings comfort? I know other people have specific smells that help them calm down like lavender. Let me know! Heart

Re: Comfort objects!!

Awesome @DruidChild, she is a black german shepherd/labrador, so a very crazy (and sometimes lazy) mix lol Smiley Happy