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Coming out

Alright! Big news!! I think that I am going to tell one of my friends that I am non binary this weekend. I know that she will be supportive because she is actually the most amazing person in the world, so I don't have too many concerns. I just don;t really know how to bring it up without it sounding out of the blue. Any tips? Also, do any of you have tips on coming out in general. It would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Coming out

Hey @Anonymous, so glad to hear you have someone supportive in your life to talk to about this, your friend sounds really good for you. I can't say I've been in your situation, and I think everyone's experiences are different. The only tip I could give you is to just be honest, transparent and above all be yourself and be proud of who you are. Perhaps telling your friend that you have something important to tell them before coming out might help set the scene a bit, but as always do what feels right for you Heart

Re: Coming out

Hey @Anonymous 

I think its awesome that you have chosen a close friend and a time to tell her <3 That would be my main tip for telling people personal things/coming out generally, to tell someone you really trust first and make sure you're in a comfortable place when you tell them.

I reckon @James99 idea about prefacing the conversation by saying there is something you want to tell them is a great idea too Smiley Very Happy

I hope it goes really well, please let us know how you go ! 

Re: Coming out

Hi @Anonymous , I have not been in the position you are in but I have been the friend in a similar situation. Like what @James99 said, my friend told me before hand that there was something important he wanted to talk to me about which made the info seem a little less out of the blue. Overall it went really well for my friend and we are as close as we have ever been. I think it's so amazing you have such a supportive friend there for you. I hope it all goes well Smiley Very Happy

Re: Coming out

@Anonymous That's great that you feel you can tell one of your friends, it's important to have support from those you trust/are close to. I'm not sure if you've come out to your friend already, if you have, how did it go? If you haven't good luck! I think what @James99 said could be helpful telling them you have something important on your mind that you've wanted to share for a while so they know to take it seriously or maybe finding conversations that sort of lead to the topic e.g. maybe relationships or dating or putting yourself out there to date I'm not sure if you and your friend talk about these things. Let us know how everything goes Heart

Re: Coming out

hello @Anonymous  just wondering how it all went if you feel like sharing?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**