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Confused Emotions

lately I have feeling Sad, frustrated, stress and I have been crying for no reason. There are some days where I would be good and happy then there are days were I’m just sad, have no ounce of motivation to do anything. How do I make all these emotions go away and Handle them better ? Sometimes my emotions scare me and sometimes I feel like there something that triggers the way I feel. Cause I could be happy for a week then feel like crap for the next couple of days and then I slowly get back on track. I want to be able to have positivity that all these emotions will go away and stop coming back and I hoping this year will be better than last year. Also I don’t know if it’s hormones being out of control? 

Re: Confused Emotions

@Dleehy2002  I'm so sad to hear that you're going through this. Smiley Sad Emotions can be weird. I have experienced a similar kind of thing myself. It's no fun at all. It's normal to experience negative emotions from time to time, but if they are affecting your life and are bothering you, then it can become a problem.

Sometimes it can help to keep a 'mood diary' to work out what could be triggering the different emotions. There are lots of apps that can help with this. I think MoodKit has a mood tracker and you can get apps like Daylio that can track your mood and activity. Of course, you can always make a diary yourself.

One way of changing your emotions could involve changing the way that you think about situations. If your thoughts are more kinder to yourself, it can make you feel less sad, for example. People can be taught how to practice evaluating their thoughts for any errors in attribution or distortions. Here are two useful articles about this. You can also try to rewrite the thought so that it is more objective and realistic. You might also be able to find some apps that take a CBT-based approach and help you to do this, such as Woebot. A psychologist can also help with this kind of thing.

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Re: Confused Emotions

Hey @Dleehy2002, thanks for posting about this. Intense emotions can be really hard to handle, and I think talking about them is an important first step to making that a little bit easier.

One thing that I try to do when I'm feeling overwhelming emotions is to sit down and write a list of things I'm grateful for.

Do you reckon that's something you could try? Smiley Happy  

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