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[Content Warning: Sexual Assault] - To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

Ok, so i want to discuss the state of things our world is in and some of my beliefs and ideals and whatnot.

Firstly on my list of things to talk about is world peace, i dream of seeing an end to everything bad in our world, no more wars, no more crime, no more poverty, no more racism, so on and so on. I belive the only reason why world peace has not happened is because over the years people have had various life events done to them which cause a negative change, this ranges from rape to murder to hacking to identity theft, the list goes on personally for me i am sickened at all the negativity and in more than one case i have wanted to end it permanantly.

War i belive is a very unneeded evil, there is no need whatsoever to go to war, wars start because one country got power hungry or one country Reacted to an attack, the list goes on, if i had the power to stop all wars forever i would say this

"To every country of the planet Earth, war is wastefull, your hunger for power is corrupting you, you need to grow up and realise no matter what we are all humans, no one person has more power than another person, stop with your greed for more, stop with your desire to become the most powerful, power creates corruption, you power hungry countrys are corrupt, its time to look past petty differences and start looking at the facts, we are one species, our species is uniquie to one planet, wars will destroy our planet, if we destroy our planet, we as a species will go extinct along with all other species, don't destroy the only known planet to support life as we know it, lets try to preserve what we have as one, let us unite under one banner, the banner of Earth, let our banner stand out from the rest of the universe, lets make Earth, the peaceful planet, WHO'S WITH ME".

next i want to address the world of tech, i find it despicable that internet security is becoming a thing of the past, hackers, scammers, identity thiefs, viruses, trojan horses, so on and so on. If i had my way i would personally hunt down all those who do wrong in cyberspace and i would(contradictory statement coming up)kill them all because its just plain wrong to have this kind of selfish crime in our world.

next is Rape, this to me i can see it from both sides, from the rapeists side, he/she is getting the pleasure they crave but it comes at a hefty cost.
from the victims side, they are being (please replace with a mor polite word)plesured against their will and consent, not to mention the amount of trauma and distrust that comes with getting raped.

next is racism, i simply hate thise who are racist, so what if joe bloggs has dark black skin, so what if cheryl tyler is asian, the fact is we are all human and we have the right to be treated like a human.

next is sexism, i dont understand why one sex has to belive they are better than the other sex, women can do just as much as men, and men can do as much as women, so stating one gender is better than the other is wrong, very wrong.

next, and this is moreso my belief, so i don't expect a whole lot of understanding(i actualy expect a whole lot of difference of opinions) but i don't understand why things like Bestiality, gay, lesbian and bisexual exist, as i see it only one sexual orientation seems like the most right and logical and that is straight, let me put it in an better light, A guy cannot reproduce with another guy, a girl cannot reproduce with another girl, now i understand if you have no intention of reproducing then date the same sex to your hearts content, but for me Beastiality, gay and lesbian is wrong, the thoughts alone sicken me so much i wanna puke all over mount everest, the bible states Adam And Eve anotherwords Man And Woman, anotherwords Straight, like dont go getting me wrong, im willing to live with the fact, im willing to accept the fact, but the fact sickens me, the thought sickens me.

next is the whole breastfeeding in public thing, i dont understand why people are discraced at women when they breastfeed in public, logicly it isnt right, a woman breastfeed her baby because it is hungry, if the woman is in public and her baby is hungry then breastfeeding is logicly the only way to feed her baby.

next is crime in general, i dont like how, especially in america crime is a problem, its very wrong in every way, all crimes are wrong and simply need to stop.

next is going to be odd coming from me as i am a male, but i find it unfair that guys could walk around topless and noone would give a damn, yet a topless woman walks around and she attracts all peering eyes in a 10 mile radius, i belive in the whole fre the nipple thing as much as the next female, but i also belive in respecting a womans privacy, in a way i think shirts are a good idea, they keep the peering eyes away(to a certain extent) and it keeps their private part(breasts)private, like this is one topic that would take forever for me to describe my thoughts and feeling on so i will leave it open for further discussion.

obviously there would be more to talk about but i feel like i have chipped my 2 cents on some of the world matters so ill leave the rest for open discussion.

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

Hey @Problematic2004 Thanks for posting, I don't think i've seen you around the forums yet. 


I'm so glad you felt comfortable coming on here and saying all that, it's a lot of stuff to be holding on to and thinking about. Is there anything in particular you wanted to talk about? Or anything we can help you with on here?


I'm definitely with you on a lot of the things that you've spoken about, its a really tough and complex world and it's a lot to take in sometimes. It can be totally overwhelming. Is that how you're feeling?

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

In a manner, like when i'm not battling my own personal battles, i begin to think of other things like these. Like yeah i'll admit i hate the state the world is in atm and tbh i really wish there was something i could do to help but sadly i dont have that kind of power or influence so all i can do is pitch my 2 cent opinion on the problems our world is faceing

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

Hey @Problematic2004, I think it's great that you think about things like this. We need more people in the world that do! I can imagine it can be quite tough to have all of these thoughts in your head though, what's that like? Is it hard when you're battling your own personal things as well?


I wish there were things that I could do too, but I do think the small things matter. Even speaking out like this or starting a discussion is an important step and can help advocate for those that are affected the most. What do you think?

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

I agree and when ever im thinking of the world problems, my own problems take a back seat(thank heaven)

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

Like on the topic of the worlds problems, the way i personally see it is, if we keep going at the rate we are then by the time we wake up(metaphoricly) it will be too late

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

@Problematic2004 wow, I really admire the depth of thought you've put into this and I think you bring a lot of insight about the world and how you see it. Thanks for posting!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

its just i can see the answers to the world problems, yet i cannot find the answers to my own problems

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

I really do admire your insight @Problematic2004! Building on what @Stealth_ninja said, looking at a particular topic could be helpful. We don't have to solve everything all at once and those small things matter too. After all, it's the small things that built the world into what it is today. What do you think about it?


I'm definitely interested in how you find your answers to problems! Smiley Happy Could you describe your approaches to world problems compared to your own problems? I'm very interested in your responses so far!

Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

when i find answers to problems i try to look at from both sides and i try to find the problems roots, like rape as an example, Rape happens because people want to satisfy the lust in them and will do anything to fufill that desire to satisfy their lust, now admittedly no one can destroy lust(it one of the 7 deadly sins) but we can lower it, sadly i have not figured out how yet, War is another, war is the result of either greed(World War 2) or One country throwing a hissy fit because one person got killed(World War 1) so the only way to stop war is to eliminate those whom are power hungry(*coughs* Germany), power leads to corruption, and corruption is why the world is in the state that it is.
In comparison to my own problems i know where the roots are but i don't quite have the knowledge i need to be able to solve the problems i personally face