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Re: To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

like if i had enough power to change one single thing about our world, i would change all goverments from lying, cheating, stealing and greedy to a goverment that actually aims for world peace and they don't lie, cheat, steal or be greedy, that would be step one on the way to a world peace

Re: [Content Warning: Sexual Assault] - To be honest i have no idea what to title this topic

Hey @Problematic2004


I too think it's cool you feel like you can voice your opinions in RO.


We live in a very complex world and unfortunately there isn't much we can do as an individual to stop the power hungry people out there.


Just letting you know that I've moved your post to 'Everyday Life' as you have discussed things that are a little too heavy for 'Hanging Out'. You'll see that I have also included a content warning as you've discussed things in such a way that could bring up negative feelings and/or emotions for survivors of sexual assault and their families / friends.



My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ