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Hello again!


So... it's the holidays (yay!) but it's boring. I've texted my friends, asking them what they were doing and one of them asked me a direct question. Did I want to do anything.


What if what I suggest she doesn't want to do, on a futher note, I don't know what I want to do... I feel uncomfortable replying but rude for not replying... gosh darnit! isn't life hard? 


Just wanted to share, and if anyone has any advice or suggestions I'm all ears! or eyes... either way... bye!




Oh! And I hope you are all enjoying your holidays... or week... whatever it is you are doing I hope you are enjoying it, or are mildly entertained. Smiley Happy

Re: Conversing

Reply! It can't hurt. If she doesn't want to do what you want to do she will probably suggest something else...

You could suggest going to the movies? Going for a walk? Going ten pin bowling? Having a movie night at your place (or hers). There are heaps of things you could do. Smiley Happy

You could suggest a couple and see if she likes any of them and add at the end that if she has any other suggestions you are all ears. Smiley Happy

Good luck. Smiley Happy

Re: Conversing

Hey @N1ghtW1ng 

Reply it wont hurt... even if you say yeh id love to hang out but dont really know what to do.


Or you could suggest a few things and see what thier response is.


Or you could make it a game .... inside or outside? active or relaxing? food or movie? etc it can be fun that way :-)

Re: Conversing

Thanks for the advice guys Smiley Happy


@mischiefmanaged bowling... I didn't even think of that! thanks Smiley Happy



Just an update. So I technically didn't answer her question but I texted all of my friends asking them if they like star wars, CGI, lasers and light sabers. (Star Wars the Clone Wars) And I got three replies, from the friends that I think are my friends. One said they don't, one said they've never seen Star Wars (I cried for her...) and the other said it sounds pretty cool. I am now still talking to two of them about my holidays and the Lego Movie... but I should probably go to bed. 

It's really brightened up my night. 


Just thought I'd let you know and I think I will 'borrow' some of your ideas Smiley Happy



Thanks again for all you help! It really was helpful and awesome Smiley Happy 


Re: Conversing

Hi @N1ghtW1ng,

YAY for holidays, HEY! You're right, they can be quite boring, but good on ya for texting yo friends, to try and arrange something to do.
Sometimes we all as humans have to do certain uncomfortable things to get somewhere, because it's new and fresh to our senses, so I believe there's absolute no harm in suggesting to her what yo thinking to do. The ideas above are some good examples as to what to do.

Believe in yourself, you can do it

All the best @N1ghtW1ng

Re: Conversing

Hmm.. personally, I'm usually kind of blunt, I would just say straight away if I want to do something or not.  I think for the most part, people will realize that stating an opinion in the negative (i.e. i don't want to do something), is not as big of a deal as some people may think.


So you could always just message back saying you're down for anything as long as it's not X, Y, and Z.  Or just give a few suggestions on what you would want to do, and ask if she's interested.

Re: Conversing

Hey @N1ghtW1ng 

How are your holidays going?


Did you end up hanging out or doing anything with your friends that people suggested?Smiley Very Happy

Re: Conversing

@hartley_ to be honest, I don't remember but a few weeks ago I went out to the movies with my friend. We saw the Lego Movie. Awesomeness. Smiley Happy

Re: Conversing


@N1ghtW1ng Thats cool you went with your friend. Fail safe chilled hang optionSmiley Happy


I havent seen the lego movie but I love going to the movies

Mmm popcorn and choc bombs!