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Coping through finding time for yourself and your happiness

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a place to share recipes and other advice related to different hobbies with the story of why you do that hobby and how its helped. To help others find something to re-inspire them and to look forward in these tougher times.


I personally love to cook because it helps me to be distracted if I desire or to think through my thoughts without being too harsh on myself since my full attention is not on myself. I also love to cook comfort foods for those tougher times. With restrictions that came with COVID 19, I have found that has been a great source of something to look forward to each day or so.\

My recipe suggestions are 5 Ingredient Easy Vegan Waffles and Vegan Alfredo Sauce - Loving It Vegan


So share your story and recipes or hobbies advice or things yuo do yourself to help others find something to look forward. Remember that rest, work and playtime are just important as each other and we need to start prioritising them.

Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

Hi @A_Friend - such a great idea I absolutely love this.


I have definitely picked up my love for baking again - ive been following Zoe Sugg on Instagram for years and she posts the most delicious and decadent recipes EVER. I made her triple chocolate cookies as well as her (excuse my French) sl*tty brownies which are brownies with a cookie base, Oreo centre and brownie top and they were incredible!


Baking really allows me to solely focus on my task at hand and not have my mind wander to the other anxieties I have going on in my life. Great thread!

Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

@Wolfie_ Thats awesome, that brownie recipe sounds so go

Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

HI @A_Friend  !


I remember really being into cooking for a little bit, and its a little sad that I haven't been able to find time to do that lately. I loved seeing this post because it reminded me of trying to cook and the satisfaction of getting it right. I definitely recommend cooking as a hobby or just as something to try since people will have to cook sometime down the line, might as well learn how to do it well.


As for my hobby right now, I really enjoy playing volleyball casually, its a fun sport to pick up even though it can be a little hard at the start.


Stay happy friends! 

Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

@Anzelmo Its great that you have found a new hobby and maybe find some quicker recipes if you would like to cook more. Remember to rest and play not just work

Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

Hey @A_Friend 


Great thread! I'm sure this eventual list will help lots of people through this weird time. Cooking is definitely something I want to get more into lately. 


As of now, music is everything to me. I love listening to it and playing it! I play the cello as a hobby now, although I used to play it quite seriously for many years throughout primary and highschool. Music has really gotten me through a lot and it's so true when some people say that it's healing. 


Everyone can try playing music! Piano or guitar are maybe good starters, but of course, any instrument can be learnt at any age, which is something I love about music too.


Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's hobbies!!

Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

Hi, @A_Friend !


I definitely will do that! and on second thought, I've actually been eating a lot of salad lately. Additionally, I've been really into avocado lately despite me hating it in the past so tossing that inside a salad is always easy and great.



Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

@ayrc_1904 That is so great to hear. Music is definitely a good way to escape and release emotions.

Re: Coping through cooking and other hobbbies

I have been making a lot salads lately too, its just so quick and easy