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Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

To be honest, I don't know if any one will involve themselves in this post, but I think it would be nice to share tips or methods with dealing with anxiety and lack of motivation for school or life (we have all been there) and I am not sure if there is a thread on this already as I just joined but I can't seem to find recent 2020 posts as much as 2017?!!?


Anyways, anxiety is something I have been dealing with since I started high school but was not diagnosed until year 9 getting counselling at headspace, I do not go to counselling anymore as my anxiety is not as bad, but I do still get anxiety sometimes depending on the situation! And with COVID19 happening and just overall in life there will be times where we lack getting up to do something that you have to do or procrastination is a big one! I for sure don't have a solution as I do it myself but I think we should help each other out talk about these topics and provide any tips, tricks or methods that have worked for you and may help someone else! 


Thanks for reading this semi-long post Smiley Happy I hope people reply and i hope you guys are doing okay and trying your best to stay positive <3

Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

I forgot to add my tips lol so:


- Honestly, I do not do this as often as I would like but it really helps when I'm feeling slugish and unmotivated and also have been proven to help with anxiety! It is exercise ! ... I know some people will be like no thanks, but there are some fun ones like dance work outs on youtube (you do not need to go to the gym) or play your favourite songs while you do it! Even if you attempt once a week or when you really feel unmotivated it will help. It makes me feel more energise and wanting to do more even though at the start you definitely do not. Stress related hormones like cortisol is released into your body during a stressful situation preparing your body to deal with the stressor, such as increasing heart rate and inhibiting the digestive system. With anxiety disorders your body actives the fight-flight response during situations that are not even stressful! Anyways, physical exercise can lessen the effects of stress on your body, redirect your focus from the negative emotional state, and also increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and strength, allowing you to cope better with future stressors. I for sure need to do exercise more as the benefits are great and it just makes you feel good Smiley Happy


-Breathing technique: Im sure you guys have heard this from councillors or others if you have been to one but for those who have not, breathing techniques help calm your body when you are feeling anxious or stressed. It will reduce the speedy heart rate your heart is going which legit makes me stressed when I'm stressed and my hear tis beating fast! There are multiple different methods of breathing techniques, the two I use is breathing in for 4 seconds and then breathing out for 4 seconds imagining a square or draw a square where you follow the line up the square for 4, along for 4, down for 4 and along back to the start for 4 (if that makes sense). You can also do it without imagining/drawing a square. The other one is where you breath in for lets say 6 and then breath out for 3 seconds (half the time). This one is a good one but usually when I'm anxious I find it hard to breath in for 6 seconds without loosing breath so I usually do the 4 second one. Smiley Happy


-My last one for today Is to make sure you take a break when you start feeling stressed, self care is really important and sometimes you get too busy in life to think about your mental health. I follow some mental health instagram pages and of course is a great place to find apps and people to talk to! Have some me time Smiley Happy I have been dying to have a bath with this bath bomb I got agessssss ago, but never got around to it Smiley Sad Hopefully this holidays I can relax in a bath with this rainbow bathbomb and yall should to ! or if you dont like baths do something you enjoy like art.


Love you guysss even though I don't know you, I do not this there is a direct message option on this website?? I am not sure, but feel free to @ me and ask me a question but i am no psychologist (but i hope to be some day) I will listen and help with what I can. Also for the first point I learnt about this from school I am no expert you may research about exercise and health Smiley Happy

Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

What a great thread @Starfish7! Smiley Happy


- I have an app called Breethe and it’s got lots of meditation for different things.. it’s got calming music, stress relief/calming sessions, sleep sessions and lots of different things. I use it for sleep Smiley Happy 

- Bullet journaling! It takes so much focus and when I’m doing it, it’s like I forget about EVERYTHING which is just what I need sometimes!

- When I’m panicking or having high anxiety, I’ve just discovered that counting backwards from 100 in 3s is pretty helpful.

- Writing down what is out of my control and what I can control.

- Grounding exercises like the 5 senses or breathing slowly while tensing muscles going up the body starting with your toes!


I also found this on Pinterest for making studying easier:9D803FBD-F5F1-4FB9-83D0-9CDB68441278.jpeg

I also heard of people breaking their study into like 20 minutes of pumping out as much as you can and when that’s up you get a 2 minute break, listen to your favourite song or a song or treating yourself with a bit of your favourite food. So like you’re working for something! 

hope this helps? Smiley Happy


Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

awesome tips for others that for sure help, I have used the breethe app before its great!

Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

Hey @Starfish7 @Bananatime04 awesome tips! I've finished my exams for this semester, I think the sit-down exam I had was the WORST I've ever taken. It was online and an absolute mess because they kept on changing their instructions up till the exam, amongst other things. I also have a lovely tendency to get MORE anxious after exams when I have nothing to do! Smiley Sad


For me fighting exam anxiety is really about setting myself realistic goals for what I want to achieve in a day and giving myself plenty of time to get things done. I also find that it doesn't work to 'punish' yourself for work not done, but to motivate yourself by giving yourself rewards. There's something called intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, intrinsic/internal motivation is always best because it's self-driven, but if it takes the promise of a piece of chocolate cake to get you to do your work then do what must be done Smiley LOL


Another thing I think helps is to look at your achievements and not your failures. I describe my anxiety as coming from a place where I have a lack of faith in myself. In reality, I've never failed when I've really tried and have been in an okay headspace. Why do I always assume I won't be capable just because I might feel that way but the evidence points in the other direction? 


Ultimately a little bit of anxiety is a good thing, it pushes us to get up and do our work. But too much is paralysing. It's hard to strike a balance, so don't beat yourself up for feeling uncomfortable with things!

Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

Hi @Starfish7, @Bananatime04 and @StormySeas17 - as someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression on and off for ten years, ive tried all these methods and can confirm they all help! Great suggestions!

I find my trigger for anxiety is often things that are out of my control which makes controlling and calming my anxiety quite difficult. Breathing techniques / grounding work often slow my heart rate as it escalates during a time of increased anxiety. I also just try and talk the situation through with someone who will listen - confront the issue head on that triggering my anxiety!

Lack of motivation is tricky but I couldn't agree with @StormySeas17 more, focusing on your core goals and what intrinsically motivates you. Look at the long term goals, the rewards of achieving whatever it is youre lacking motivation in and focusing on that!

Its a constant battle and something I dont think anyone ever perfects! Keep going, knowing that everyone has these battles too!


Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

I love this thread! 😊


Hmm some things I find helpful:

-thoughtfully considering how important something is to me, and basing how much time and energy I put into it on that.

-creating a routine that includes time spent doing things I enjoy/find restful/look forward to and time spent working towards my goals/doing things I consider important. (So I've always got things to look forward to, I have fun, I have enough time to work on my goals, and I don't constantly have to make decisions or stress that I'm not doing a particular task)

-spending time regularly with people I like and trust. Sharing how I'm feeling with these people

-setting up a pleasant space to study (or just a pleasant space to live in general)

-finding ways to minimise stress/simplify tasks where possible. Like, I do click and collect for groceries. And we've just decided to simplify cooking by buying frozen precut veggies.

-finding ways to make boring tasks fun (like listening to music or an audiobook while doing housework)

-Stimming. It only barely counts as a strategy for me I think because it's kind of just the natural way for me to exist and I do it without really thinking. But I'd be a lot more anxious without it.

-I made a sensory box which I generally use when I'm restless or unmotivated. It's got blue tack, a wind up torch, a long string, bubble wrap, a soft colourful unicorn with a heat pack in it, a little electronic game based on memory with colourful light up buttons and noises, a wind up music thing, potpourri, juggling balls.

-if I'm doing something unfamiliar making/writing down a plan first, and clarifying details with anyone involved

Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

Congratulations on your semester exams! If you enjoy having work to do you could start learning about the new topics to come Smiley Happy And that will help a lot with understanding better as well. Yes! Goals are great especially when you treat yourself for completing them and when you do complete one it makes you want to complete another for that satisfaction.

And same! Something I think i did so bad on tests when though I studied my hardest and did my best but while doing the test i doubt myself and even after I feel really let down as if i failed it when really i end up doing good! Especially in year 12 this year I feel like after every test I do i doubt myself which sucks Smiley Sad But i usually get a good result and if not you gotta focus on how to improve !

Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

Wow @Wolfie_ @Anonymous you guys are so wise when it comes to anxiety! I love your tips Smiley Very Happy Especially talking about your anxiety with other people and making your study space a happy, peaceful space to study. One thing I find really works when I'm studying is to listen to videogame or movie music. Because they music is designed to be in the background while you're focusing on something else, and usually don't have lyrics to distract you.


@Starfish7 I love your point about getting started early on my new topics! Yes I often struggle with feeling like I'm not doing anything, and then get stuck ruminating on my exams, and then doubting myself and freaking out just like you were saying Smiley Sad Some advice I got for when you're feeling anxious but have nothing to do is to spend just an hour doing some research on something that matters to you, like jobs or volunteering or study or whatever. It gives you a bit more of a sense of control and understanding for where you're going in the future. It's also how I ended up here! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Coping with anxiety and lack of motivation - (tips and chat <3 )

@Starfish7 firstly I'd like to thank you and acknowledge that this is such an important thread. Anxiety affects everyone. Every. single. person. who is alive will experience some form of anxiety throughout their life. However, for some of us, the experience may be more intense and more frequent.
All of these techniques are amazing! Thank you for sharing @StormySeas17 @Anonymous @Bananatime04 @StormySeas17 @Wolfie_

For me, fresh air and some time outside really helps ease my anxiety.
If I'm experiencing really intense and overwhelming anxiety I place one hand on my heart and one on my tummy and focus on feeling them rise with my breath. I find when im in the midst of heightened anxiety counting breaths or doing 'box breathing exercises' is too much and I cant focus cognitively (They certainly have there place and are helpful to some). But for me personally, really focusing on my hands rising on my stomach or heart is really grounding. Focusing soley on the physical feeling. Getting out of my head.