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Coping with daily stress

Hey beautiful humans! I’m new to the forum and was just wondering what are your best strategies of coping with daily stress? Any suggestions much appreciated Smiley Happy

Re: Coping with daily stress

hey @Loudcloud and welcome!

some of my tips would include:
-Have a goal even if its small to achieve each day and have a reward at the end of the day or once you achieve it. something like abit of icecream or an extra episode of a fave tv show
- Take some breathers, having a cup of tea or your choice of drink and just sitting outside for 5 minutes can be really helpful
-make time to do the things you enjoy, it doesnt have to be every day but if you like sports, set a day on the weekend to hang with friends and play the sport, or go to the gym or whatever you might like to do
- if your overwhelmed and stressed dont be afrai to reach out for some help from friends, family, the forums or a helpline to get you through those feelings

hope these help!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Coping with daily stress

Hey @LoudCloud, and welcome to RO! Smiley Happy


@scared01has already given some great suggestions! One of the biggest things that has helped me is self care - making sure that I take time out to look after myself and do something that helps keep my refreshed. We actually have a factsheet on this - How to be awesome at self-care and a thread with some self care ideas!


Would love to know what other people think!

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Re: Coping with daily stress

Hey @Loudcloud,
I reckon everyone's provided really great tips and suggestions already. I find that specifically self care and when you feel overwhelmed reach out to a helpline or us Smiley Happy
Some self care ideas just off the top of my head are:
Music - It makes almost everything better and also provides a great distraction for negative thoughts.
Coloring - Loads of community members including myself find this very therapeutic and relaxing.
Eating - Food makes everything better - need I say more? Smiley Happy
Hanging out with friends - Being in the company of loved ones really picks up my spirit and can enable me to stay safe, have fun and distract myself!

Let us know how you go!
Side note: Congrats on becoming a mod @mrmusic! You'll totally rock it!

Re: Coping with daily stress

Hey there @Loudcloud welcome to RO! (Also nice username! Smiley Very Happy )

@scared01 has given some fabulous suggestions, and @mrmusic has provided some awesome links to check out!

Self-care is definitely my go-to to cope with daily stress.
Some of my self-care includes
- Colouring in while listening/half watching a tv show/music/a podcast
- Patting or playing with my cats
- Photography
- Hand sewing - I've discovered how calming I find it!
- Being outside in the fresh air
- Talking with friends


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Re: Coping with daily stress

Welcome to RO @Loudcloud!

To follow on from @scared01 's fantastic reply I would add that exercise helps even calm me down, even if it's just a short walk at a lunchbreak, doesn't have to be a full-on workout, can really help me de-stress and focus on the tasks I need to afterwards.

@Loudcloud wrote:

Hey beautiful humans! I’m new to the forum and was just wondering what are your best strategies of coping with daily stress? Any suggestions much appreciated Smiley Happy


Re: Coping with daily stress

So many good responses guys!
Welcome to RO @Loudcloud Good question Smiley Happy
For me, i like to listen to super loud music or go for a walk (or both) if i'm feeling worked-up or frustrated. Sometimes the opposite works really well too, even if it's just lying down for 10 mins in the dark, taking time to be still is helpful too! It's nice to mix it up Smiley Happy

Re: Coping with daily stress

I am in love with all the suggestions you guys have posted!!! Thank you for creating this thread @Loudcloud, it's definitely a great one for people to read through Smiley Very Happy

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