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Coping with discrimination

Hi there, am I allowed to start a thread here without being a mod? Sorry if this is wrong. 


Feeling pretty bummed out out by the safe schools investigation, alongside various other incidents of biphobia and generally being treated like a second class citizen for being poor. 

I wondered if anyone else wanted to chat about how we can look after ourselves when discrimination is overwhelming? Sorry again if this is the wrong place or if this thread already exists or something. 

Re: Coping with discrimination

Hey @OwlsDoCry, go ahead, start a thread anytime! Smiley Happy


I also have to say thank you for raising such a great topic in the community too. Talking about coping strategies and especially regarding such important issues as discrimination is something we hope everyone feels welcome to do anytime. Thanks again for kicking this off.

Re: Coping with discrimination

@OwlsDoCry as someone who has been bullied and discriminated in the past, thanks for creating this thread, I'll think of some strategies I can post!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Coping with discrimination

Such a good thread @OwlsDoCry ! You are super welcome here and I love the idea of talking about this more on the forums. Smiley Happy.


What do we all think of the Safe Schools stuff?


And another question for you @OwlsDoCry what can we do to start changing the way we treat people who are different?

Re: Coping with discrimination

Thanks @Kit and @j95! Smiley Happy 


@Ben-RO I feel like a good basis is just for us to treat people with respect and compassion...on a structural level, though, it's obvious that things need to change and that I have no idea where to start with that! 

It's so difficult to create change when the ones we need to empower are the people with no power. 



Re: Coping with discrimination

Well said @OwlsDoCry! Respect and compassion should be at the heart of human interactions. I remember reading this saying once and think it's a good way to look at practising empathy:


"Don't judge my story by the chapter you walked in on."

Re: Coping with discrimination

What a cool quote @Kit Smiley Happy There's a quote that I really like from a book from Corrag and it says, "Be good to every living thing, and listen to the voice inside."