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Cyber Harassment.

Hi RO , 


The internet can be a wild place and misleading place.


There are times I feel like exposed to some sort of danger. E.G. ( being in a third world country with volatile political situation ). And people that are going to tear you down.


While the best thing to do is not post anything and be inconspicuous ( time date and place) and deal with conflicts person to person .


Also being mindful of your digital reach.


What can I do if a person or group is making me uncomfortable or writing untrue things about me or trying to threaten me in a physical manner or even write things that lead to harm towards me ? 


A surgeon from my home country which has done well for herself academically has loads of trash written about her by people who are taking an advantage of her profile for their own gain by potraying her in a certain way.


Things like humiliation , degradation , and unkind tweets and hurtful messages have taken place.  It's unacceptable to cause someone detrimental hurt online.


While it's impossible to silence our critics founded or not.


We can seek help of professionals eg (counsellors, therapist etc).


Im getting at that their actions has may cause damage to their wellbeing or prospects. 


May I know what numbers to call to halt abusive comments towards me if I'm posting online ?


Boundary needs to be drawn.



Cyber Harassment.

If someone is bothering me in an unnecessary and excessive manner is there someone I can call to stop an angry crowd blasting me online  ? 




Re: Cyber Harassment.

Hey there @BunnyWalks,


I'm sorry to hear how you've been feeling about going online. The internet can definitely be a wild place at times and feel unsafe. I'm not sure if there are any specific numbers that you can call if you are being harassed online, aside from the police. Is contacting your local police something you'd feel comfortable doing? 


As you already mentioned in your post, seeking the help of professionals and being mindful of your digital presence are great ways of coping with the trolls and bullies online. Setting some boundaries for yourself sounds like a great idea Smiley Happy Do you think working on boundaries for when you're feeling unsafe online with a professional would be helpful for you? 


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!