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Hi Everyone,

Cyberbullying is a very real problem throughout our online communities. I was wandering if anyone has experienced online victimisation in any way and how did you deal with it?

Re: Cyberbullying

You mean something online the line of continuously private messages of abuse or more serious such as hacking?

Re: Cyberbullying

@lovin each day wrote:
You mean something online the line of continuously private messages of abuse or more serious such as hacking?

Could be anything online! So either of those

Re: Cyberbullying

Well slightly different, if the bully is resorting to hacking, blackmail etc, this is something that should be immediately alerted to authorities, such as teachers, parents, the police even. It is illegal is extremely dangerous if you keep it to yourself without a reasonable defense.

As for just random abuses people throws at you on chat rooms, social medias, comments, I just picture them (well most of the time it is true) to be keyboard warriors. That is someone who types abusive languages but in real life they are even more cowardly that you. For those situations, stop communicating with them cause they want you to keep replying and get a raise out of you so arguing with them will only tire you out. 

If it's your friends, then either talk to them, but if it is serious, do not be afraid to get parents or teachers involved. If the situation deteriorates to that stage, they probably would not be your friends. 


When it comes to technology, it is best to be safe, scan your computer periodically for spywares etc. Stay on the safe side. If you ever played any online game, a lot of people (mainly teens) will insult another player just to see angry reactions... so most of the time do not take things too seriously if its just from strangers.

Re: Cyberbullying

Hey @pbrown005


Welcome to ReachOut! Good question - cyberbullying tends to be a hectic problem to deal with in our world today. From hacking, terrible people saying crappy things, leaking information and nudes, handling victimisation can be a massive hurdle. 


I used to have those Q&A accounts (like Formspring and Ask.FM) and people would leave the nastiest comments - mostly racist things - for me to read. One of them was a teacher's son and from what I recall, he only got a slap on the wrist Smiley Mad Anonymity gives a mask to anyone to do and say whatever they want online (even stupid things), and possibly not even think about the consequences.


Blocking them online and deactivating/cancelling accounts has been a good way to go for me. If there's some kind of identity wanting a request, I tend to do a bit of a stalk before I add them. Like @lovin each day has mentioned, people talk crap so don't respond, and that there are people you can turn to that can help you out.  


You may also find some good tips here on cyberbullying too



Stay excellent

Re: Cyberbullying


I have experience with cyber bullying (its not really that bad so not sure if counts). 

When I was younger I had protect my identity alot, so more often than not I used a different name. But somehow no matter what I did the people I didn't want find me on social networking sites like Facebook, still found me. And that was constant which was pretty frustrating. i ended up deleting my account to protect myself, but its reactivated now. 

I, like @Myvo had formspring but I  found it to be pretty awful. I understand that allowing the anonymous feature brings idiots in, but copping nasty comments shouldn't happen at all. The whole point of those sites is to be able to ask anonymous questions for fun, its not made for people to be horrible. Unfortunately people think they are heroes behind the screens of their computers. 

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Cyberbullying

It has been so interesting hearing everyone’s replies. Cyberbullying is definitely a huge problem within our online communities, but it's great to see that so many people have employed various strategies to cope with the situation, such as deactivating accounts, blocking or unfriending people. It's so important to realise that we have the power to remove ourselves from the situation online because it is so easy to simply turn off the computer and walk away, or block the users. The best thing is not reacting to the harsh comments, because that is exactly what they are looking for. @j95 it was really interesting to hear your story. I'm glad you found a way to deal with the problem by deactivating your account. I hope things have been better since you have reactivated it Smiley Happy and you're right, it is unfortunate that people think they are heroes behind the screens of their computers! Thanks for the warm welcome @Myvo was great to hear your insight on the topic. Thanks @lovin each day for sharing your thoughts also. Great advice for people experiencing cyberbullying to reach out to friends or signficant others in your life for support and guidence Smiley Happy

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I was wondering if it might be OK to post a quick survey on this thread regarding cyberbullying @Myvo ? 

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Hey @pbrown005 I have to remove the link to your survey. As per our community guidelines, you need to contact us ( before you post campaigns, projects, media requests, research, links to other websites & assignment surveys/interviews. Once it's been approved, you're welcome to post it again Smiley Happy



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No Problem! Sorry about that @ElleBelle I will send the email now so hopefully it can be approved Smiley Happy