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Re: Dealing with pressure from famly

Hi @Sarah_472! Welcome to the forums!
It can be so hard to cope with family expectations. I think that us young people have enough to deal with already and it can be stressful when there is a mismatch between your identity and situation and what your family expects of you. Smiley Sad
I think it's really great that you've realised that you need to start making positive changes in your life. Many people can feel a sense of hopelessness and not realise that they can take a more active role in their life. Well done!
I hope that the wait list for therapy isn't too long. That must be so frustrating. Smiley Sad I can also understand you not wanting to tell your family about it. Only you can decide if you should tell them and it could be worthwhile thinking of the best and worst case scenarios when it comes to how they could react. What are some things you can do to make yourself feel better in the meantime?