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Detecting Burnout

Hi gang,


I want to learn how to notice signs of burnout.  I need you help crew.


To keep myself going.



Re: Detecting Burnout

Hi @BunnyWalks,


This is such an important discussion and something I think a lot of people will benefit from contributing to. Identifying early signs can be really beneficial in preventing burnout. 


I might start this discussion by tagging a few active members who may be able to contribute their ideas: @Bee @scared01 @gezellig @litgym @lokifish @N1ghtW1ng @seadreamer @ecla34 @dog_lover94 @marshmallows


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Re: Detecting Burnout

hey @BunnyWalks

having a burnout can definitely be exhausting. usually identify my burnout when im more tired and stressed. ways of reducing burnouts is doing some self-care - a nice walk, bubble bath and playing your favourite game ! i guess it's different for everyone but this is how identify mine and reduce it Smiley Happy 

Re: Detecting Burnout

Hi @BunnyWalks,
Burnout is different for everyone but the way I notice my signs of burnout is:
- I become really tired. All day. Even drinking my usual coffee doesn't perk me up.
- I become unmotivated.
- I'm stressed.
- Changes in sleep or appetite.

If you ever feel this way it's important to check in with your doctor or a professional.
Here for you!

Re: Detecting Burnout

hey @BunnyWalks i guess everyone is different but for me i find i get irritable very quickly, i start to loose more interest in the things i actually enjoy doing, im more tired than usual, i have more mental blanks, loose even more concentration and i also find i become frustrated more easily even over things that normally wouldnt affect me.

When i start to notice these signs, i will try to do more relaxing exercises esp those that easy on the mind like just watching some favourite movies, colouring in or chrochetting, and more self care activities like longer showers, having a bigger cup of tea and drinking it slower while sitting outside in the sun.

@DruidChild@redhead@mrmusic@cupcakes_032 @annabethxchase @Nightruner23 you guys might have some other ideas too

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Detecting Burnout

Hey @BunnyWalks

For me personally I either:

1. Am really really tired (Seems like a couple of people get this)

2. Unmotivated to do ANYTHING!

3. Super distracted from little things

Same @scared01! I just chill out and give myself time to recuperate (Is that a word?), self care, etc.etc.

It's really important to look after yourself while you are feeling those emotions! Hope this helped at least a little! Hope you are well1


Re: Detecting Burnout

Hi @BunnyWalks, such a good idea to work on identifying early signs of burn out, it really does creep up on you. 
For me, signs of burn out are pretty similar to @scared01. I get frustrated so easily and pretty emotional at the drop of a hat. I also get really overwhelmed/overstimulated by noise, like in crowds or on public transport. Do you ever feel the same?
Any of my usual calm self-care doesn't really work at times like that so i end up going for super long walks to burn the energy off. 

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Re: Detecting Burnout

Hey @buunywalks it different for everyone early signs for me is I got get bored with things 2 my sleeping pattern so all shit 3 is a lot of stress when it happens I listen to music go for a walk or talk to friends

Re: Detecting Burnout

Hey @BunnyWalks

Learning the signs of burnout is so important!
Everyone has some really good suggestions and common things that impact eachother.
I think an early one is not feeling interested or as interested in, or enjoying things you used to as much as you previously did.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Detecting Burnout

Hey @BunnyWalks

I've found an article on RO about Chronic Stress & Burnout. I'm not sure if I can link it because of community guidelines and I also don't know how (I know you can't link stuff from other sites without permission but I'm not sure about stuff on RO). I'm going to link a couple of Mods and Staff so I can get clarification Smiley Very Happy


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