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Re: Detecting Burnout

Thank you Jess-RO. I appreciate it.

Re: Detecting Burnout

My burnout signs from what I noticed in the past : 


• Tired.

• Lack purpose and excitement.

• I feel a tight knot in my head.

• Lack enthusiasm to participate.

• compare myself to others

•doing too many things and just not focused.

• looking away to get out of a something I don't like.


Being in sunlight and pool walking works for me.@ on a physical level . 


Mentally I need to think about something else. Something slow, calming and being away from work.






Re: Detecting Burnout

Hey @BunnyWalks!

It's fantastic to see that you can recognize those 'symptoms.'

Have you ever tried watching those really satisfying or calming videos? I find they help me to calm down a little when I'm stressed out.

Re: Detecting Burnout

@annabethxchase I might make another post addressing the guidelines around links (just so this thread doesn't get too off topic, as it's a great one!) but in terms of RO resources: absolutely, 100% always yes! Here's how you can hyperlink on the forums Smiley Happy

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Re: Detecting Burnout

@annabethxchase ASMR !! 


@BunnyWalks glad to hear you’ve noticed some signs and that you have good ideas on reducing burnouts👍

Re: Detecting Burnout

Hey @BunnyWalks,

Here's the link! Wow I'm proud of myself Smiley Very Happy

Re: Detecting Burnout

Smiling mind works for me as a personal preference. Im avoiding video ATM.

Thank you for the suggestions AnnabethxChase.

Re: Detecting Burnout

Dank link. I'm checking it.

Re: Detecting Burnout

Hi @BunnyWalks
Like the others have said, it's really awesome that you're recognising the symptoms of when you get burnout. That's definitely a good step.
It's also really good that you know what helps for you on a physical level.
So you like smiling mind, is there anything else you can think of which may help reduce your burnout?
Please keep us updated!

Re: Detecting Burnout

Yoga works but it needs to be time efficient for me.