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Disappointed by friends

Hi there.

So, I normally hang out with some friends who are from a different cultural background & they mostly talk in their own language which I was not understanding when I first met them. But now, I do comprehend.

The day before, I was with them & as usually they started talking with themselves in their own language. I was shocked when they started gossiping about me in front of me but in their own language. I felt lonely, hurt and angry. 

After, I talked to them, letting them know that I understood all they said and that I was pretty hurt hearing bad things coming from them especially that they are my only friends.

However, they denied that they were talking about me, making me feel guilty of why I am thinking that they were talking about me. One of friend also said that I am not the centre of the world. Everything doesn’t really revolve around me and that I need to get myself fixed. I feel very disappointed by this attitude and they didn’t even apologise or made an effort to make things better since then.

They are not talking to me anymore and simply ignoring me.

It feels terrible.

Any advice on how can I handle this situation better? 

Re: Disappointed by friends

Hey @Rim, welcome to ReachOut! I'm so glad you've decided to reach out to us regarding this Smiley Happy. I just wanted to say that it's definitely not okay for them to be saying those things about you. I feel just as disappointed as you are with this attitude Smiley Sad. I think you've handled this situation really well by confronting them about it and it sucks to hear that they didn't apologise for their behaviour. Have you reached out to someone else (besides us) regarding this? I'm not too sure on what other advice I could give you on how you could handle this situation better so I'm going to tag some other members of the community to hear what they think of this: @ErinsAntics, @scared01, @linkinpark13, @ecla34, @Bee, @mrmusic
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Re: Disappointed by friends

hello and welcome @Rim
that is really hard Smiley Sad your friends shouldnt be talking about you like that and like @Esperanza6 i feel dissapointed in their attitudes. They dont seem like very good friends and their attitude says more about them then it does about you.

Can i ask if your in school, uni or if these are outside friends? it might help with some suggestions on what might be helpful as well.

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Re: Disappointed by friends

Hi @Rim,


I think you handled the situation directly and that's the best approach in these kinds of situations. It was your friends who handled it badly. 


If you feel up to it, maybe you could try talking to them again about the whole situation and try to get them to explain their side? 

Do you have any other friends that you could hang out with instead? 


I hope things work out for you!

Re: Disappointed by friends

Hi @Rim
I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. It's happened to me before so I completely understand how you feel.
I just wanted to say that it was very brave of you to be direct and face the situation. I wish I could've done that in my own situation! You confronted the situation directly and made your feelings and thoughts known. It's unfortunate how they reacted but I really think that you took a very mature approach.
I'm really sorry to hear that they are ignoring you, unfortunately some people react in this way which isn't very productive.
How have things been recently?
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