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Discouraged about finding a job

Hey everyone, so I've been looking for a job since I graduated high school a year and a half ago. I'm 19 and don't have any work experience in the past so it's been difficult applying to so many things, just to not even be considered but I've just kept going. There have been times where I'll receive a rejection email and I'll be saddened by it but eventually move on and try again.

However, I just found out I wasn't selected for yet another role and I feel so unbelievably disheartened this time that I don't feel I can pick myself up again. I felt so optimistic about it this time. I got an interview for a start, which has been an incredibly rare thing for me so far. Usually, I feel like interviews just haven't gone well and I haven't presented myself as being confident or capable enough because I've felt uncomfortable or haven't really believed what I am saying, but this time I was so optimistic.

I felt so passionate about working there and the interviewer was really friendly and I really thought that I had a chance and had come off really well this time. I was really looking forward to the future and looking forward to working there, and I didn't want to get my hopes up but it felt like it could be the best interview I will have in my life. 

I also just really want to know why I wasn't selected, I know they were hiring a fair few people so not understanding where I went wrong or could do better is making it harder for me to move on this time.

So now that once again I'm back to square one, I don't even feel like trying anymore. I feel like I'll never be successful if I can't even get accepted when I've felt my most comfortable and confident. This really makes me anxious too because the longer I am without a job, the harder it is going to get and I don't even feel like it's worth it.


Any advice on how to move forwards from here?

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

Hello @Rattata, I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling disheartened lately. The process of finding a new job can be so exhausting and going for interviews and finding out that you haven't received an offer can be quite upsetting. There have been times where I felt like I interviewed well but I didn't get the job either so I can understand a bit about how you have been feeling. Sometimes it can be upsetting because it feels like you interviewed well and then to hear that you didn't get the job can be shocking. I think you deserve to hear some feedback from the interviewer, so I would definitely encourage you to reach out to them ask for some feedback, if that it something you would feel comfortable doing. Hopefully they can help you feel better and give you some answers for this unclear situation. Heart

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

Hi @Rattata 


It's definitely a difficult time right now to get employed during COVID, and I'm saying that not to dishearten you, but to remind you that the rejection doesn't always fall on you as a person Heart. Sometimes you just weren't the fit they needed - but that doesn't mean you don't have valuable skills to offer. I encourage you to keep applying as much as you can via online applications and walking around shopping centers to get an idea of which stores may be needed new staff. Like Sophia has said - I think something valuable you can definitely do is to respond to those rejection letters along these lines:


"Hi thank you for reaching back to me, I understand I was not the correct fit for the job however I'm still grateful for the interview and want to get the most out of this experience. Do you mind telling me what the other candidates had that made them more employable than me, and additionally was there anything that you as a recruiter thought that I did well, and more importantly what I could improve on from your perspective. Feedback will be greatly appreciated."


This is such a good way to go about things since it shows that you still have the initiative, drive, and maturity to handle a rejection letter in the best possible way. It's good because they will tell you what you need to work on to give yourself that extra step up. You can then continue to work on yourself, your resume, and how you present yourself based on those pointers so that next time - you'll be going in more prepared and better than before. It could also land you in their good books because you didn't just shut them down after the rejection and stayed friendly - who knows they might contact you for future opportunities down the line. !


Keep your head up friend Robot Happy

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

Thanks @Sophia-RO, and @Anzelmo,

I definitely understand that covid has made being selected harder, it is just really exhausting after so long and difficult to keep positive, particularly when you feel like such a right fit for some places.


I have already reached out to them, asking for feedback but unfortunately haven’t heard back at all yet.

Do you think it could be a good idea to take a little break from applying and focus on other things?

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

Hi @RattataHeart I'm sorry you're going through this - job searching truly can be one of the most disheartening and demoralising things on the planet. 


Definitely take a break if you need it for your mental health Heart Job searching is tough on the mind, and I've heard many people say that you should treat looking for a job like a job. Basically, if you apply to lots of jobs every day, you'll get something eventually!


If you don't mind me asking, what does your CV/resume look like? If you don't have any work experience yet, volunteer work and certifications (e.g RSA, barista course) should help out a lot. There are also CV/resume checking services available to make sure that your resume is well written and makes you shine Smiley Happy


best of luck Heart dont give up!

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

Hi @clarii3105 


Yeah, it's been disheartening all year long but I got used to it. Just this one rejection after what I felt was such a good interview and I felt like such a perfect fit and being optimistic for once, really hit me hard when I read it.

There's not much around that I am qualified for at the moment so it's probably a good time to take a break anyway. I like the idea of thinking of job searching as a job, though the sad thing is it still doesn't make me any less anxious about money and the future.


My resume was really lacking for most of last year and then I gave it to a couple of my friends and they really helped me work on it a lot before they gave it to their managers. I have been meaning to do some short courses to add to it but I have yet to get around to it. It is still A LOT better than before though.


Thanks everyone for the support! It just gets harder and harder as time goes on, especially when my sister is also just getting everything that comes her way without even really trying, so it's nice to feel encouraged. HeartHeartHeart

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

Hey @Rattata,


It can be difficult to not be accepted for a job once being so excited about it.  I can relate to this myself as there are positions that I have gone for, thought I'd be a perfect fit and then not get it.  Selling yourself on a resume is a very big piece so it's great that you have received support with this.


Financial issues can make anyone anxious and I recognise that this can be tough.  Is there a way that you can do volunteer work?  This will add to your work experience and may look favourable with employers.  Doing additional courses is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge.


I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.  

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

@Rattata  Yes !


What you can do instead is work more on your resume. This is something that I did to make me more employable. Do lots of volunteering work, help out with school events, etc. Any extracurricular activities you can do puts you ahead of other people who have not done them. Would highly recommend focusing on updated your resume if you're not getting much luck with applying for jobs.

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

hey @Rattata

finding a job can be so hard especially once you turn a certain age plus covid has made it much harder

perhaps you could apply for a centrelink payment? at least you could have some money while looking, and often job search places can be helpful. sometimes they even help pay for courses to get you into a workforce.
maybe doing some volunteer work could help you gain some more work experience as well.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Discouraged about finding a job

Thanks guys


@Anzelmo Yeah I update my resume regularly. I've done volunteering and a few one off jobs but nothing since 2019 and it's not the sort of experience that helps me get anywhere it seems.


@scared01 Yeah it's pretty hard trying to find a first job after high school anyway because employers that don't require experience always select the younger candidates because they cost less to pay, but covid has definitely made it a lot harder.

Unfortunately, I'm not eligible for any centrelink payments but it's okay because my living situation is fine and everything. I just get really stressed about getting a job because I want to be able to save up so I can move out one day, and also my parents have been pressuring me to get a job for quite some time now and I have yet to be successful. I just really want some independence now, and to be able to take away some of the financial burden off my parents.