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Disgusted, What are your opinions?

I'm disgusted with my family and how they acted towards me this afternoon, what parent in their right mind will only allow their child to attend theirs partners family funeral to show respect and give their condolences to the deceased then afterwards break up with the partner to make their family happy.


You tell me, that's fucked up isnt it,? 

What has today's society come to?

Re: Disgusted, What are your opinions?

Hmm, that really is tough and I can imagine that that would have hurt you a lot!
I'm not sure what to say in this situation as I'm not very experienced, but I'll tag some members to give there feedback:
@scared01 @DruidChild @Bee @litgym @gina-RO @Jess1-RO @Erin-RO

Re: Disgusted, What are your opinions?

There sounds like there are quite a few significant things going on for you @Tinkmatter and I'm sorry to hear of your parent's loss.  How long have you and your partner been together? 


Just to clarify, have your parents always disapproved of the relationship or has something happened to influence what they've asked of you?



Re: Disgusted, What are your opinions?

hey @Tinkmatter

I dont want to give the wrong advice or anything but im having abit of trouble understanding what your meaning

was it your parents who let you attend your partners familiy funeral and then your partner broke up with you?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Disgusted, What are your opinions?

Hi, it's okay, the situation was that there was a death in my partner's family and my parents would've let me attend if I called off my relationship with my partner after I attended

Re: Disgusted, What are your opinions?

Hi erin,


My partner and I have been together for almost 2 years but we were friends for about 1.5 years before that.


My parents have been against this for almost 1 and a bit years, pretty much they've tried to make me end it because they don't approve.

Re: Disgusted, What are your opinions?

@Tinkmatter that does sound really awful, it's not easy when family doesn't approve of your choices, particularly when it's to do with a very important part of your life, like a partner.
I can't imagine how horrible an ultimatum like that must have felt Smiley Sad
How's the situation going for you right now?

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Re: Disgusted, What are your opinions?

Hey @Tinkmatter
I'm sorry to hear that your parents don't approve of your relationship Smiley Sad
Have they expressed why?

As @ecla34 said it's not easy when family doesn't approve of your choices. I wondered if you've had a chance to discuss with them why you like him and perhaps give them another view on your choice?

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