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Documentary Suggestions

Howdy All

I know that a lot of us are struggling at the moment, me included! I am feeling a bit like my cup is overflowing. Something that I love to do is watch documentaries, so in order for me to practice some self care I thought I would start this thread where we can share our doco suggestions. I am hoping that it might give us all something nice to look forward o watching. 


I will go first one of my idols is David Attenborough so of course anything created by him is a must. A cool fact about how he makes docos, he doesn't just go out and film and then create a story. Nope he has a story in his head and then spends soooooo much time like years, out filming to try and capture what he needs to make his story come to life. I recommend pretty much anything he has done but here are a few to start

1. The Blue planet 

2. Madagascar

3. Planet Earth


I am looking forward to hearing all your suggestions 



Re: Documentary Suggestions

Documentaries are sometimes very soothing, idk why. I will have to think about some that I have liked but I often like ones about people's stories and social issues and stuff. like sometimes things on insight and abc oh I really liked "employable me" on abc that was cool. 

Re: Documentary Suggestions

Is anyone going to talk about How It's Made? A great show for learning a lot or zoning out Smiley LOL

Re: Documentary Suggestions

I'm so keen for this thread. I want to hug a big leaf with David.


There are some great things on insight hey @Eden1717 ! And that show sounds right up my alley @StormySeas17, i love zoning out to videos of making stuff Smiley Happy


For people who love Louis Theroux, No Context Louis Theroux provides some useful memes.

louis theroux funny quotes - Google Search | Relatable, Louis, Tv show  quotesInstagram post by No Context Louis Theroux • Aug 29, 2019 at 9:00am UTC |  Louis, School for good and evil, Instagram posts


Re: Documentary Suggestions

@StormySeas17  How it’s made is cool I like watching the food ones best. 


@Hannah-RO  I do like Louis Theroux he makes some interesting documentaries. Reggie Yates also makes some good documentaries. Actually the bbc in general makes some good ones. 

Re: Documentary Suggestions

Loving this thread!

Some good documentaries and docoseries:
My Octopus Teacher
Unsolved Mysteries
A Secret Love
The Imposter
Three Identical Strangers
March of the Penguins
The National Geographic section of Disney+