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Don't know if I'm gay/bi or not

Hello good people. I don't know if I'm gay/bi and think I will be targeted at school (it's a Catholic school) and also will be shunned by other Christians (I identifie as Christian).

Re: Don't know if I'm gay/bi or not

Hi @qwertyuiop 


Welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing what is happening for you Heart 


I just want to point out how brave it is for you to talk about this. Questioning your sexuality can be confusing enough, so I can imagine that it's been hard for you to worry about being shunned by your fellow Christians. I think it's worth mentioning that many of us here identify with being part of the LGBTIQA+ community - so you're safe to talk about your feelings here. 


I'm just wondering if there's anyone in your family or friend circle that would be open to giving you some support with this? 


We are here to listen and support you through this time Heart 

Re: Don't know if I'm gay/bi or not

I don't know if there is because I live in an conservative area of Queensland.

Re: Don't know if I'm gay/bi or not

Hii @qwertyuiop , like Bre-RO said, it's really brave of you for seeking advice about your own sexuality and identity! Smiley Happy Why do you think you might or might not be gay/bi? Are there any specific things that make you question your sexuality? And i just want to say that it's perfectly okay to not have a fixed sexual identity yet since you're still young and figuring out your own identity! I hope all is okay with you now! Heart

Re: Don't know if I'm gay/bi or not

Hey @qwertyuiop, lovely to have you here!

It's definitely quite something to have to go to a catholic school and identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ Community. It's something that you're definitely not alone in, it's the same thing over here in NSW. It is definitely really difficult to explore your sexuality in an environment that isn't that supportive of beliefs you have. It's something that I've had quite a lot of difficulty in, because there's been so many conflicting beliefs. And, that can do a great deal of harm to your self-esteem and your self-worth. There's this idea of wanting to follow your religion, but then there's also this idea of not feeling like you're able to because of the fact that the religion you follow isn't supportive of your life. Even though in my opinion, shouldn't matter in the first place. I'm pretty sure, God wouldn't care about who you love in the end. And, it's pretty scary. To be part of this world where you're told that 'you're a bad person' for loving who you want to love. When it's practically part of who we are, we aren't able to choose what we like. We were just born with it, and like what was said in the Bible 'People were created in the likeness of Gods image' so there's nothing wrong with you at all. Despite what may be believed in the Christian community. 

You're also talking about being targeted at school. Which, is really tough to deal with. Especially being in a catholic school. So there comes these ideas of 'if I were being bullied, I wouldn't be able to tell anyone because of who I am'. But trust me, you're probably not alone in this in your school environment. But it is tough to try and go through this alone, not really knowing anyone that can help you. But I want you to know, that this feeling won't be the norm for your life. I know that someday you'll be able to find someone in the real world who supports you. But till then, we'll always be here with you always going to welcome you with open arms. 

In my own experiences, I reached out to my local headspace which had a youth advisory committee where other young people all come together to hang out and talk about improving the service and helping the local community. I've looked at headspaces in Queensland and there's around 20 so hopefully there's a group in a few of them that you can reach out to. If not, there are services like Q Life that offer free counselling both online and on the phone that cater to people from the LGBTQIA+ Community. Hopefully these help. But if not, don't feel hesitant to reach out to us in the forums cause we'll always be here for you. Smiley Happy