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Dont know what to do??

I love someone head over heals and he loves me too but we are in a long distance relationship.  i love him but i will not be able to meet for 4 years. And i want to tell him about this but i fear that will he wait for  me for 4 long years . I dont want to loose him what do i do??

Re: Dont know what to do??

Hi @Lone_soul ,


That i a very difficult situation with no real right answer. 4 years is a very long time and I know from experience distance can be draining.


I will say that I think honesty is the way I would go. I have found that even when I haven't wanted to have certain conversations with people finally opening up with my loved ones has always made me feel better in the end. Also, the only way to talk through things and come up with a good solution together is with open communication. You will both have needs and wants in this relationship and it might be good for you both to have a really good conversation about what the reality is and what you both think the best outcome for your own and the others well being is. 


I really wish you luck in what you decide to do and regardless of what happens it's great you have found such a good connection with somebody

Re: Dont know what to do??

Hi there @Lone_soul and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy


It is wonderful to hear that you've found someone you're in love with who feels the same towards you Smiley Happy I can understand how having a long distance relationship can be difficult, it's okay to be worried about your future, 4 years does sound like a long time. @Tasi has already given you some amazing advice on opening up to him. If you didn't feel comfortable talking with him, could you talk to someone else close to you about your feelings? Having someone you can open up to, such as a close friend, family member or a professional counselor can help cope with some of the feelings.


ReachOut also has a great article over here on long-distance relationships that has some tips you might find useful if you're interested Smiley Happy


I've also sent you an email to the email you signed up with, please keep an eye out Smiley Happy


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!


Re: Dont know what to do??

Hey @Lone_soul ,


It's awesome to hear you've found somebody you feel so strongly for! I know from experience (my partner and I live on other sides of the country!), that distance relationships can be super challenging, but are definitely possible.


I wanted to echo what @Tasi and @Jay-RO said in chatting to him or somebody close to you about the situation. The biggest learning for me through a distance relationship is the importance of communication. Because we aren't in the physical presence of our partner it makes picking up on the non-verbal cues very difficult, so it's really important to utilise communication to make up for that. What are your thoughts on talking to him or somebody in your life about the situation?

Re: Dont know what to do??

I didnt receive ur mail